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Blog #1

Colors Trending for 2021 Fall/Winter Fashion, Part 1

Halloween and Dia de Muertos. Thanksgiving. Calling those Hogs. Browsing the last of the Farmer's Markets. Cool weather camping, the scent of cozy bonfires, and s’mores. But most importantly, those new and beautiful hues of the changing leaves. Fall has finally arrived in Arkansas, and while some of you may be bemoaning the end of summer, I’m happily tugging sweaters, jeans, and knee-high boots to the front of my closet, and consulting Paris and NYC Fashion Weeks, Shutterstock trends, Pantone screens, and the pages of staples like Vogue and Marie Claire for inspiration. This annual changing-of-the-guard raises a crucial question though: Which of those hues often inspired by the changing leaves will dominate the streets and shops of Northwest Arkansas for the 2021 fall/winter season? 

Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be answering here today. And there are so many popular shades, probably thanks to the depressingly color-light seasons we’ve been enduring throughout Covid and quarantine, that we’ll be tackling the subject in three groups.

Heaven is a place on Earth(y) Tones?

First up, unsurprisingly, are those earth tones that might just be the best thing about autumn fashion. 

  1. Champagne supernova- one of those hard-to-define hues (not really beige or off-white or light gold or even all of those combined), nonetheless, you still know it when you see it, and it makes a nice light transition from summer to fall. 

Wear it alone, easy and breezy like brisk fall afternoons:

Sleep, wake, and binge Netflix in it:

Or wrap yourself in it on cold November nights:

2.Root Beer Brown(eyed) girl- who doesn’t love a shade so rich and inviting that it’s reminiscent of hot cocoa, gooey brownies, or decadent dark chocolate? Perhaps that’s why this one has been so prevalent with the designers. After all, at least 75% of the fashion industry is female, and we do love our chocolate, especially in times of crisis! 

It works well as the detail on this adorable dress:

And as the primary hue for these gorgeous bags from ABLE (just load that larger one up and lug it around on a weekend trip- after all, we gotta work off all those calories from chocolate somehow): 

3.Jars of Clay- a shade that will help warm up cooler fall afternoons- just pair this cute dress with a jean jacket:

Try this waffle-knit top with champagne or root beer brown pants:

Even the nippiest of autumn nights heat up with these super cozy pants that feature clay as a detail:

4.The grass is always Army Green(er)- the first of two greens on our list, I think it’s safe to say we’ve permanently commandeered this color from the military. It’s showing up in hoodies, joggers, and super fun fashion combat boots, but I’m especially fond of this Aviator Nation sweatshirt:

And many models are ruling the runways in monochrome outfits such as these two

paired together:

(courtesy of ABLE)

It’s even putting in an appearance as prairie-inspired dresses:

5.Fortuna (fields of) Gold- the first of three, count them, THREE yellows this year, Fortuna gold might be tough to pull off when you execute it as fabric as opposed to paint, but just check out this velvet crop which nails it:

Or this blazer and skirt which look like they leapt right off of Alicia Silverstone in Clueless:

And it makes a great detail in activewear:

6.Tidewater Green(light)- perhaps the toughest shade to find done well, it might be my favorite. This second entry in the land of green is much cooler, taking its inspiration from the ever-changing sea as opposed to the more sedate earth and soil. 

Check out this little athleisure number: 

(courtesy of For Love and Lemons)

I also have to give honorable mention to this Root Beer Brown and black combo (who ever said you can’t pair brown with black) from Aliette during Fashion Week:

Not every designer is socially conscious like the brands we carry and sponsor at Remedy Road (and I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t afford high high fashion), but I love taking inspiration from the runways, looking for similar pieces elsewhere.

And while you’re waiting for Parts 2 and 3 from our ongoing color series, weigh in below: Any favorite pieces in your wardrobe that channel this group of autumn hues...

October 20, 2021 by Lisa Vinson
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