Blog #19- Brand Spotlight Especially for Valentine’s Day- Murphy’s Jewelers

Blog #19-

Brand Spotlight Especially for Valentine’s Day- Murphy’s Jewelers

Hello everyone!! Today, we’re going to take a minute to shine a bright spotlight on a
local brand: Murphy’s Jewelers out of Magnolia, Arkansas, who have a sparkling case full of gorgeous precious metals and stones on display in our store. Partly, this is just because we love featuring local shops when we can (I know Magnolia doesn’t count as part of Northwest Arkansas, but we can cut them some slack for that, right?). But Valentine’s Day is also rapidly approaching, and if you need help choosing something for the special lady in your life (or want to share the link to this blog with the special man/woman in your life so they know what to get you), hopefully this will solve all your holiday needs. 

A tradition since 1939, it was founded by Jerome Murphy, and his son Richard joined him in the business in 1972. Now, Richard’s daughter Maggie is part of the team, making the store a third generation establishment. Mark Williams hopped on board in the early 90’s and now acts as the managing partner, and Aaron Wilkerson started at the same time, functioning as Murphy’s Bench jeweler. With Melissa Franks added into the mix, the team has over 100 years of experience between them- phenomenal! 

While we offer a selection of their products inside Remedy Road, the original store features even more, you can check them out on their website-, they’re on Facebook and Instagram as well, and they even offer custom designs just for you. In-store in Magnolia, they handle appraisals, gold/diamond buying, engraving, and repairs too. What more could you ask for?

But now for the really important part: Bea, what earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings are you showcasing inside Remedy Road this year for Murphy’s? Read on to find out…

Earrings- in earrings, we have 14 karat yellow gold crawlers in a gently curved line of beadwork

14 karat yellow gold beaded bar studs that are a smaller and daintier line of beadwork

14 karat yellow gold quatrefoil studs in a delicate floral design

Large (10-10.5 mm) 

Medium ((8-8.5 mm)

And small (4-4.5 mm) freshwater pearl stud earrings.

Larger, thicker sterling silver hoops with an accent band of diamonds totaling .14 carats

14 karat white gold unadorned hoops in three different sizes

And 14 karat yellow gold hoops in two sizes.

All of which are excellent for everyday staples she can wear with anything, anytime- just be sure you check if she has a preference for yellow versus silver in terms of metal color. 

In terms of stones and the rest of the rainbow, we’re also featuring a lovely pair of 14 karat white gold genuine faceted ruby surrounded by diamond earring studs- perfect for Valentine’s Day in red. 

Necklaces: in necklaces, we have seven different square solitaire pendants, including a stone in the center (amethyst- purple, diamond- white, onyx- black, emerald- green, ruby- red, sapphire- blue, or garnet- deep red), surrounded by 18 karat yellow gold, enclosed in sterling silver decorative beadwork. With any of the colored stones, you might stop to consider what her birthstone, favorite color, and favorite gem are to help you choose one, or other important dates associated with a month-based gemstone such as your anniversary, the kids’ birthdays, and yours as well. 

More everyday pieces would include a beautiful .25 carat diamond cross in 14 karat white gold

And an even more delicate cross in 14 karat rose gold with .13 carats in diamonds

Or a 14 karat white gold infinity symbol accented with .03 carats of diamonds- a perfect way to tell her your love will last forever.

A variety of open and closed star pendants such as an open 14 karat yellow gold, .07 carats diamond star

A smaller, closed, 18 karat yellow gold single .01 carat diamond star 

And another of the same, but this time in white gold with a .015 carat diamond in the center.

An 18 karat white gold bar accented with round cut diamonds totaling .33 carats

A design that resembles crystallized snowflakes in 14 karat white gold with .45 carats in baguette diamonds

A 14 karat white gold 18 inch to 16 inch adjustable chain accented with ten round bezels, a diamonds by the yard if you will necklace

A 14 karat white gold and black Tahitian floating pearl on an 18 inch rope chain

Or a 14 karat white gold pink freshwater floating pearl on a 17 inch cable chain.

A breast cancer awareness ribbon pendant in 14 karat rose gold with .05 carats in diamonds

A beaded bujukan (a word that means flattery and flirting) yellow gold necklace

A 14 karat yellow gold bujukan beaded circle which can also symbolize a love that will last, as a circle has no beginning or end

Or an 18 karat yellow gold heart with a single .04 carat diamond in the center so you can literally give her your heart for Valentine’s Day.

Bracelets: in bracelets, we have two very unusual black bangles, one a sterling silver and black enamel piece with decorative bands of diamonds weighing .08 carats

The other a sterling silver and black enamel piece with red folliage decorative accents.

Six different sterling silver rounded box link cuff bracelets with the following stones to choose from- diamond (white), citrine (yellow), ruby (dark pinkish red), pink tourmaline (light pink), or sapphire (blue)

Or two different rhodium finished sterling silver round omega cuffs with rubies or sapphires accenting the ends

A rhodium finished sterling silver basketweave cuff bracelet with yellow gold finish

And a sterling silver rounded box link cuff bracelet with a high polished bar

A sterling silver cable cuff with a diamond cross

All of which are rigid bangle options.

Or for the more flexible clasp bracelet models, we have a 14 karat yellow gold bujukan circle- a perfect match to the pendant we looked at earlier

An 18 karat yellow gold paperclip bracelet that features three diamond links totaling .36 carats

A hearts entwined yellow gold piece that’s a very Valentine’s option 

And a 14 karat yellow gold “Love” bracelet- another V-Day themed choice

An open star in yellow gold with .07 carats of diamonds

An open star in 18 karat white gold, this time with .08 carats in diamonds

An 18 karat white gold diamond shape with a .08 carat diamond in the center

A .30 carat diamond bar in 18 karat rose gold

And two different diamond bars, one in .22 carats and one in .30 carats on white gold chains.

Rings: and in rings, we have a beautiful diamond baguette ring similar to the necklace we looked at earlier (who says you have to limit yourself to buying her one V-Day gift when coordinating pieces are available)

A diamond encircling red corundum stones band (corundum is the same class of minerals as ruby and sapphire)

And a band featuring eight rubies with one diamond in the center totaling 1.31 carats altogether, all three of which would go hand in hand with Valentine’s, considering the colors incorporated.

An amethyst and diamond fashion ring in a unique double overlapping rectangular shape

And a single blue sapphire with diamonds accenting the band

Or an emerald cut ruby with round diamonds 

We even have a 14 karat white gold engagement ring with a London blue topaz centerpiece that’s gorgeous and a diamond halo in .67 carats surrounding it. 

In colored stackable options, there’s a white gold multicolor sapphire

A white gold .55 carats blue topaz (light blue)

A 14 karat rose gold .35 carats amethyst (purple)

A white gold .46 carats garnet (deeper red)

A 14 karat yellow gold .32 carats emerald (medium green)

A 14 karat white gold .31 carats citrine (yellow)

A 14 karat white gold .77 carats pink zircon (light pink)

A 14 karat white gold .39 carats peridot (pale green)

A rose gold topaz (yellowish orange) 

A white gold .55 carats ruby (pinkish red)

And a 14 karat yellow gold .56 carats sapphire band (darker blue) 

So you could even choose multiples to coordinate like for example one for each of your children’s birthstones. 

And in more everyday staples, there’s an edge line pave set ring that resembles a feather and solitaire

A quilted pattern band in white gold

A white gold twisted rope band

A white gold brushed branch and leaf ring that’s my definite favorite

A 14 karat yellow gold beaded design band

A 14 karat yellow gold hexagon pattern band 

A segmented diamond band

And a yellow gold square station diamond band

Which can also all be mixed and matched as they’re stackable options.

And in the immortal words of Mr. Porky Pig, “That’s all, folks!” If there isn’t something on this list that she’ll absolutely adore for Valentine’s Day, then I’ll eat my weight in Valentine’s marshmallow hearts (although I might do that anyway…  just because). This is Bea, signing off.

January 29, 2022 by Lisa Vinson

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