Blog #30-  Spring Forward into Spring with Your Best Transitional Wardrobe

Blog #30- Spring Forward into Spring with Your Best Transitional Wardrobe

Blog #30- 

Spring Forward into Spring with Your Best Transitional Wardrobe 

Stop me if this sounds familiar: on Monday, it’s 62 with a 100% chance of thunderstorms. On Tuesday, it’s 67, and a tornado warning or two might pop up. When Wednesday rolls around, the temp drops to 46, but the rain chances linger. Yet Thursday drops even farther to 33, while rain becomes snow showers. On Friday, the sun peeks its head out to warm us back up to 68, Saturday carries with it a 100% chance of sunshine with no clouds in sight as the temp climbs to 72, and by Sunday, it’s a balmy 80 degrees. 

If you’re from Arkansas (or perhaps even if you’ve just visited), this is what spring looks like. A constant rollercoaster for those of us trying to settle on wardrobe choices for the day, and a nightmare of a headache for those poor, poor weather people on KNWA who get blamed for everything (seriously, guys- who could possibly predict this chaos reliably!?). 

So what do we do then to balance the ever-changing forecast with our need to put our best fashion foot forward? Mix it up of course:

Pair up a dress for less stress

Like this comfy purple dress + white blazer


This epitome of spring, a short pink flower + chunky cardigan


Just peachy + crop flares


Leopard print + a remedy tee


Possibly my fav on the list, this gorgeous embroidered number + crop jacket


This sweet blue choice + crop straight legs


A darker tie-dye + black ballet wrap


Or a long pink flower + bomber jacket 


A shirt under, a heavier piece over, or a pair of pants can solve your sartorial woes! 


Go for a one-piece

An adorable denim romper


Or a sexy black romper


Either of which will be cooler denim choices (but not too cool) because they combine short with long

Even a pink linen romper + heavier black jean jacket


Choose a matching set 

In a comfy, breathable pink



In a definitely before Labor Day white that's therefore light



Or a cooler purple (THE color of 2022)



Even a set of elongating stripes in a lighter material and cooler crop



Let the fabric breathe

Big sleeves + denim shorts will keep your arms air conditioned



Holes in the sweater fabric + a tennis skirt will keep you from overheating 



Plaid bottoms + a yellow crop are light enough in color and thinner materials to get you through the day 



And a lighter sweater via crop or embellished cutouts can be paired with flares to keep you cozy in the colder mornings but airy enough for noon heat 



Combine long tops with short bottoms or vice versa 

Like this very happy pullover + biker short



Matching faux leather set


Or if the matchy-matchy vibe isn’t your thing, this black crop + faux leather shorts



Or the flipside- gray short sleeves + heart leggings



Purple tank + long white ribs



Even a matching set in black 



Choose a spring print to channel spring

We have a classy and fun pink blazer that would go great with a pair of loose-fit white jeans



There’s a tie-dye dress + white crop underneath 



Or why not this white dress that screams the season + Morrison denim with plaid detail underneath 



Layer it up (you can always take some of it off later)

Go for this satin cami + black cardigan + a wide leg jean



My second fav on the list, blue stripe light pullover + pink legging + stone wash denim



Or a brown light thermal + cardigan + crop 


In the end, check the weather when planning outfits the night before, but keep in mind that spring is as prone to change her mind as we women are, and refrain from berating the poor meteorologists. They deserve a break. 


This is Bea, signing off permanently!