Ok, you’re new to Bentonville or you’ve been here dozens of times.  You’ve done the museums and maybe you’ve eaten at some of our award-winning restaurants. But now it’s time to GO SHOPPING!  Sure, you could go to the mall or the same chain stores that you have in your hometown OR you could visit US at Remedy Road!!  Here are five reasons why we think a visit to Remedy Road should be included on any shopping spree in Bentonville:

  1. We're Unique - We sell women's apparelhandbags, and home goods from all over the world. Chances are pretty high no one else you know is going to have a Moroccan pouf actually made by artisans in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.
  2. We Have Heart - Our lives were changed forever after a visit to see friends in India. That visit inspired us to risk it all and open this store. Read more about our story here.
  3. We're Tiny - Looking for a mega store with 10,000 items? You'll want to steer clear of Remedy Road then. Our store is small enough ("homey" or "snug" in marketing terms) to give you claustrophobia.
  4. We're Family - Our family (the Vinsons) runs this store in addition to working two jobs. We cherish every interaction and appreciate every purchase.
  5. People Seem To Like Us - We have a 5 star rating on Facebook and a 4.7 on Google if you're into that sort of thing.

Hey and by the way? If you are from out of town and would like some insider tips on places to visit and eat in town, text us (no seriously)! We love to help visitors get to know the area whether you decide to come by our store or not. Just text 479-713-0078 and we'll send all the recommendations we have your way.

If you do decide you want to come by during your time in Bentonville, we're just past the Walmart Museum on the square (to the left if facing it).