Blog #21- Skin Care from Alpha Hydroxy Acids to Zits (or A to Z)

Blog #21- Skin Care from Alpha Hydroxy Acids to Zits (or A to Z)

Blog #21-

Skin Care from Alpha Hydroxy Acids to Zits (or A to Z)

Picture this: two very fashionable teen girls washing a third girl’s hair (a very grungy third girl) which is long, stringy, and coated in leftover dye; blending makeup on her cheeks while she sits squirming in a chair, her head covered in rollers and at least on soda can; attempting to attack her eyes with an eyeliner pencil; and finally cutting off the bottom half of of the trendy shirt they’ve dressed her in to make it even trendier. 

Or this: one classy girl pondering the lank lengths on a nerdy girl’s head (we know she’s “nerdy” because she’s wearing glasses), and her even nerdier outfit while powdering her nose, asking if she trusts her, really trusts her. The result? What seems like hours later because the sun has set, a skinny waif in adorable strappy red heels and matching bodycon dress slowly and carefully descends a staircase sporting a beautiful new bob-like do and sans glasses.

Or this: a bushy-haired and even bushier-eyebrowed young girl (in glasses again), painfully awkward, when a veritable squad of stylists descend on her like a pack of hungry wolves, very chic wolves. A brush actually breaks in half in her wild mane; they attack her eyebrows with gusto over and over again, trying to turn one into two; and she gets a mani/pedi, a facial, and who knows what else before a final spin of the chair reveals a dazzling princess. 

I’m referring to the makeover montages that are so popular in movies, especially rom-coms, specifically Clueless, She’s All That, and The Princess Diaries.

But real life isn’t quite that simple, is it, ladies? We can’t just have a totally untrained teen chop off half our hair, get a facial that only consists of cucumbers and what looks like Noxzema, and take scissors to a trendy shirt to feel ready to face the world on a daily basis. Most of our time dedicated to beauty routines is much more time-consuming, complicated, and complex (not to mention that I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m still waiting for the pop song soundtrack to start magically playing in the background while I pluck, shave, and whatnot every morning). Skin care routines especially do or should involve more. 

So for the next few blog posts, we’ll be looking at skin care basics in addition to how our routine should change with the seasons, both the weather-related ones and the age-related ones for optimal health and beauty (sadly, I don’t know how to set the posts to our very own movie/music montage). 

First up: A is for Basics 

Now, no matter what you do, you should always start with a visit to the dermatologist if at all possible. But there are also plenty of things that we can learn and apply all on our own. Skin will be resilient if you know your own well and treat it accordingly, and although most assume it’s a difficult task, armed with the correct knowledge, it’s really quite simple. 

First, B is for determining your skin type: dry, oily, or combination. If after 30 minutes of cleansing, your skin appears shiny all over, then you likely have oily skin. If on the other hand it feels tight or looks flaky, then you’re probably dealing with dry skin. If the shine only appears in your T-zone (forehead, nose, chin), then you have combination skin. And if you have normal skin that feels comfortable and hydrated all day, then you’re that woman we all love to admire and hate a little as well. Why is this an important step in the skin care process? Because it will help determine what products you should be using. And that means carefully researching brands and products before you purchase, before you even step foot inside a physical store (or put fingers to keys in an online purchase). I prefer to use a combination of Total Beauty and The Dermatology Review to get a layperson’s point of view alongside a more professional one, in addition to PETA’s website to make sure my purchases are cruelty-free. 

What then should we be buying? The answer is sixfold.

  • C is for Cleanser- to put it simply, a cleanser washes away the makeup, dirt, sweat, etc. NEVER scrub but DO use warm water as opposed to hot or even cold. 
  • If you have dry skin, then go for a cleanser that is alcohol and fragrance-free. 

    If you have oily skin, then choose an oil-free option.

    (courtesy of Cruelty Free Kitty)

  • D is for Toner- the next step smoothes, softens, and calms your skin, also replenishing and restoring important nutrients. Plus, a good toner can diminish redness and dry patches before we even reach step three.

    For oily skin, look for ingredients like witch hazel, tea tree oil, glycolic acid, and clay which can remove excess oil, impurities, and residues. 

    But for dry skin, look at products that contain moisturizing humectant and hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, glycerin, or rosewater. 

    (courtesy of Dermstore)

  • E is for Moisturizer- the name says it all (this one has a lot to do with keeping us looking young, ladies). For the best results, apply your moisturizer while your skin is still slightly damp to lock in moisture.
  • If you have oily skin, then make sure you go for something light like an oil-free gel.

    Whereas if you’re dealing with dry skin, you need a mixture of emollients like ceramides in order to repair the skin barrier and humectants such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid (this stuff pops up everywhere!) to draw in moisture. 

    (courtesy of Harper's Bazaar)

  • F is for Sunscreen- no matter what time of year it is, no matter where you are in the world, sunscreen is a key step. Never choose a sunscreen under SPF 30. When you’re directly exposed to sunlight, reapply this product every two hours. And it doesn’t hurt to double up, using multiple products that contain SPF (like a sunscreen and a CC cream). Make sure your product protects against both UVA and UVB rays because failure to hit any of these minimum requirements causes wrinkles, loss of firmness in the skin, uneven tone, and premature aging. The more important concern here is choosing an SPF appropriate to how dark or fair your natural skin tone is, how easily you burn (as opposed to focusing more on oily, dry, or combo skin). The AAD website (American Academy of Dermatology) is a great resource for this, and they suggest being on the lookout for the key phrases “broad spectrum,” “water resistant,” and/or “very water resistant.”                                                                                                         (courtesy of Living My Veg Life)                                                                                   
  • G is for Exfoliant- unlike the previous steps, exfoliating shouldn’t be a daily practice, just weekly, twice per week max. Whatever day of the week you choose to work this into your routine, perform this step in between cleansing and moisturizing. Apply the product gently in small circles for about 30 seconds and then rinse off with lukewarm water. 
  • What should you choose? Chemical exfoliants are actually much better for skin health than scrubs. 

    For dry skin, opt for glycolic or lactic acid, something that focuses on hydration and brightening dull skin.

    However for oily skin, choose salicylic acid because it’s oil-soluble and penetrates deep inside your pores to remove trapped oil and dirt.                                              

    (courtesy of Healthline)


  • And H is for Serum- and last but not least is another step that doesn’t necessarily need to take place daily, just occasionally each week. A good serum can improve firmness, heal skin, calm redness, and improve texture. This is because they contain super-concentrated amounts of active ingredients, and those vary based on what type of serum you’re looking for to combat your particular skin concern. For example, vitamin C targets scarring and hyperpigmentation, retinol works to repair fine lines and wrinkles, and hyaluronic acid fights dryness and dehydration. So search for the correct product via those guiding principles- ask yourself, "What are my most pressing skin issues?"                                                                                                       
  • (courtesy of PETA)



    Basically, I is for your morning care focusing on preventing and protecting.

    Whereas your nightly routine should target cleansing and repairing.

    However, you should only cleanse at night. In the mornings, simply rinse your face with warm water before moisturizing and SPFing. 

    Although anytime you work out or sweat, be sure you cleanse. 

    Now with those basics under our belts, what’s next? Determining how we should change up that routine based on weather and climate-related concerns, which is what’s coming up next, so stay tuned. Bea out!

    Blog #20- A Valentine’s Day Gift Idea Extravaganza

    Blog #20- A Valentine’s Day Gift Idea Extravaganza

    Blog #20-

    A Valentine’s Day Gift Idea Extravaganza

    In America we might say “sweetie pie,” “honey bunny,” or “sugar woogums.” In France, it’s “ma cherie,” “mon petit chouchou” (my little cabbage), or “mon amour.” While Spanish favors “mi cielo” (my heaven) and “corazon,” Russian prefers “rypka” (fishlet) and “lapachka” (little paw). It might be “xin gan” (heart and liver) in Chinese, “skat” in Danish (treasure- get your head out of the gutter), “jaanu” in Hindi, “ya amar” in Arabic, “snoepje” (little candy) in Dutch, “knuddelbarchen” (cuddle bear) in German, or “taku kairangi” (my finest greenstone) in Maori. But whatever we use as terms of endearment for our romantic partners (or how odd they might sound to someone from a different culture), everyone everywhere loves.

    That means many, many countries around the world also celebrate the rapidly approaching Valentine’s Day. How it began, how it got its name, is a mystery. My favorite version of the story has the man who would later be called Saint Valentine being imprisoned for helping Christians escape harsh Roman prisons, inevitably getting caught, falling in love with his jailor’s daughter, and ending a letter to her with “From your Valentine,” a phrase we still use. Of course there are other origins to the holiday as well such as Lupercalia, a Roman fertility celebration dedicated to Faunus, the god of agriculture. And in the Middle Ages, France and England believed February 14th was the beginning of mating season for birds which is how we ended up celebrating on that particular date.

    Some traditions have men giving snowdrops as opposed to roses, the exchange of Valentine’s Day cards originated in France, there are three celebration days in South Korea (one where women woo men, one where men woo women, and one where singles mourn their bad luck), some cultures exchange love spoons, English children anxiously await visits from a Santa Claus-like gift-giver named Jack Valentine, in the Philippines they hold mass weddings to mark the day, and some cultures have the women pin a heart with the name of their love interest written in it on their sleeve, literally. 

    But however you celebrate (or even if you don’t but just want a good excuse to go shopping), we at Remedy Road have some great suggestions for you here (or suggestions you can pass along to your significant other to buy for you) to mark the day. Starting with… 

  • Sweet Treats-
  • In terms of the traditional yummy treats we’re supposed to exchange with our valentine so we can all be contentedly well-fed together, we have OMG (Ooey Marshmallow Goodness- the name really says it all) in Black Forest Cake flavor. Lick it up with a spoon straight from the container, use it to make s’mores, put a dollop on your ice cream, or try it as frosting on a cupcake. 

    Speaking of s’mores, we also have a romantic s’mores kit for two from the same company (XO Marshmallow). This gourmet tin contains everything you need- vanilla bean marshmallows, Hershey’s chocolate, and homemade gluten-free graham crackers. 

    Because you can never have too much marshmallow in your life, we also offer marshmallow hearts, and you don’t even have to feel bad about eating these vanilla and sprinkled-kissed treats because they’re gluten, nut, preservative, and dairy free (perhaps they’re concocted from unicorn kisses and rainbows?)

    Since V-Day is still in the dead of winter for most of us, you might also choose one of our gourmet cocoas. The yummiest flavors include lavender white chocolate, salted caramel, butterbeer, peppermint, and my personal favorite- gourmet double dark chocolate. 

    And since no self-respecting cup of hot chocolate would be caught dead without a topping, we have marshmallows in caramel, mint chip, pistachio, cinnamon toast, cotton candy, and vanilla flavors too.

    Sit back, relax, indulge, and enjoy!

  • Shiny Bits, Bangles, and Baubles-
  • However, most female romantic partners aren’t going to let you get away with just buying something ooey and yummy to eat as a gift, so consider pairing that up with something shiny and new that she can show off to… well… everyone. 

    For starters, feel free to look back at our X-mas gift jewelry and Murphy’s Jewelers blog posts because many of those fabulous choices are still in stock as the classics never go out of style.

    But we can add even more to those lists, such as the Valentine’s Shark and Chocolate Is My Valentine wishlet bracelets. The idea with these is that once you tie them on and make a wish, you leave them on until they literally fall off. When that happens, your wish will come true (anxiously awaiting that day so I can collect my million dollars from the lottery). 

    Or Pura Vida offers a wide selection of heart-centric jewelry choices, including a grayish blue band/rose gold and white heart bracelet.

    A grayish blue band/rose gold and mother-of-pearl heart bracelet.

    A black band/rose gold mermaid heart bracelet.

    Or open heart stud earrings. 

    A white band or red band rainbow heart bracelet.

    A silver arrow and heart toe ring.

    Or the best of the bunch, rose gold hearts and pearl double-sided earrings that mean you don’t even have to decide between the two.

    ABLE offers these simple and classy gold heart studs.

    Or if you’d like to go a bit bigger, I love these gold Bracha ears with white or yellow enamel hearts and rhinestone dangles.

    Or a really unique choice is these heart-shaped hoops, also by Bracha, which feature a barbed wire-like design in yellow gold with pearls.

    In necklaces, we offer this sweet little yellow gold, pink and white enamel pill necklace that reads, “Love,” on the side, a one-of-a-kind choice.  

    Or Starfish Program has a blue gold heart necklace for an excellent cause.

    Whereas in bracelets, you could go for this adorable double heart bracelet by Mata Traders which has pink and red details on it and comes in silver or gold (I might already own one of each).

    Or the aptly named Bliss bracelet which almost looks like yellow gold, but also a hint of rose gold (meaning it’s extra versatile), featuring gold hearts and rhinestone ones as well. 

    The Meet Me in the Middle bracelet is a mixed media piece, a trend that’s very in right now, yellow gold, hearts, and pearls.

    The Heartfelt bracelet will definitely tell her how you feel with 14 karat gold over sterling silver and tiny cz stones in each and every heart on a hinge closure. 

    The Valentina bracelet will make her pretty in pink and gold.

    And the Valentina ring features gold and black enamel surrounding a sweet rhinestone heart. 

    Wrap it in tinsel and trappings, sit back, and watch her face light up.

  • Sophisticated Self-Care-
  • But Valentine’s Day gifts don’t always have to be “traditional” (aka flowers, candy, jewelry). In fact, she might love you even more if you get her something more tailored to what she wants and needs. Something we’re all learning is that regular self-care is important, and with that in mind, you might look back at our X-mas gift blogs that are simply brimming with gift ideas along these lines. 

    And we can add to that with tantalizing tub truffles in scents such as pomegranate.

    Beautiful bath mats like this cozy white and soft pink choice that reads, “Sweet Cheeks” (and perhaps that’s even your private nickname for her).

    Tempting towel scrunchies that are super convenient. 

    Lovely Little Sleepies pj’s (that are the softest things ever) which we have for little boys and girls too especially for the holiday (and Mom will love them).

    Hot hot pink and leopard print satin pajama sets.

    Racy red and pink fuzzy slippers to keep her tootsies in style.

    We also have hearts all over and rainbow heart options in slippers.

    And /kit-sch/ brand silky satin sleep sets (that include a pillowcase, scrunchie, and eye mask). 

    Pamper her in style, like the queen she is. 

  • Comfy Cozy Wear-
  • Like the yummy cocoa we covered earlier, since V-Day is in February (and in Arkansas, we just got a foot of snow with more forecasted to come still), she might need some accessories to help keep her warm. We have adorable earmuffs in dusty pink and rhinestones because who says our winter gear can’t feature bling too.

    Fire engine red beanies from Krochet Kids.

    Pink and red fingerless gloves from Shiraleah.

    Black and red ones as well.

    A super stylish, soft and supple, white faux leather blazer that will make her a bona fide Hollywood star.

    Or this comfy, cozy, and classy white faux fur zip jacket that will make her look like a million, no, a billion bucks. 

    Keep her snug and warm for the end of winter, and maybe she’ll do the same for you.

  • Festive Fashion- 
  • Believe it or not, it’s also possible to say, “I love you,” with clothes (if your Queen of Hearts loves fashion as much as we do here at the store), and as long as you stick to the easy-going and relaxing casual wear that’s so popular and also over-sized right now, you’ll have a fairly simple time of nailing size correctly. 

    There’s the off white with red-stitched “Lovey” hoodie that donates a portion of its proceeds to charity.

    Which you could combine with these red-hot cozy pants by Project Social T out of LA.

    Spiritual Gangster has some great advice with the peppy pink “Do All Things with Love” pullover.

    Which you could pair with these super soft and thick “Love” athletic-style socks.

    The Sweetheart sweater comes in black or soft white, from small/medium all the way up to 2XL/3XL, perfect for the holiday.

    You could do an entire coordinated leisure wear outfit with the black/gray/hearts bra, black/gray/hearts sculpt leggings, and shades of purple and white “Love” tank top. 

    If you have kids, we have a matching mom and daughter Heart Block Party sweater in soft white and lilac.

    Or for you littlest valentine, go for a lavender love tee, a pink love sweatshirt and matching bottoms, or a camo love pullover, all from Spiritual Gangster. 

    So cover her in coziness. 

  • Awesome Accessories (and a few outfits too)-
  •  If she’s not a stay-at-home girl (or if she is but only part of the time), you might instead opt for a new bag or dress for a night out on the town or weekend away for V-Day (you could even use the gift to tell her she’s in for an extra treat). 

    This clear crossbody bag features a lovely pearl handle and is perfect for concerts and games in stadiums with purse policies.

    The quilted CG crossbody bag is perfect for the handbag fads currently circulating, and it comes in racy red and classy black.

    And the Ezra Cross-body by Shiraleah is Valentine’s perfect in red and pink, a stylish puffy bag.

    Or we can go even smaller, options that are definitely only for a special night out such as the Jelly Top Handle Mini Clutch that reminds me of the jelly sandals of the 80’s.

    And the Port Fairy Mini Bag which is fuzzy and sweet. 

    There are wallets and clutches like these two hot pink choices from Cleobella.

    And makeup cases in in-your-face hot pink.

    And gorgeous overnight bags from ABLE in real leather.

    We’re also big fans around here of the Valentine’s pink sequin number below.

    The sparkly silver dress as well.

    And the lovely champagne satin wrap dress that’s now 50% off! 

    Dress her up in style and take her out, and she’ll thank you- I promise. 

  • Or Delightful Decor- 
  • And last but not least, especially if you share a home together, you might contribute your own piece of decor, such as purchasing this sweet pillow that says it all.

    Or a Lafco candle for a romantic night in. We have Penthouse Champagne which is my personal fav (a combination of ginger, grapefruit, and raspberry)

    Feu De Bois (hints of sandalwood, leather, and frankincense)

    Sage & Walnut (a combo of oud, juniper sage, and walnut)

    Cilantro Orange (a touch of cilantro with mandarin and lime)

    Retreat (matcha and clary sage with palo santo)

    Terracotta (a combo of bergamot, geranium, and terracotta too)

    Celery Thyme (unsurprisingly celery plus thyme and purple basil)

    A combo pack of Frosted Pine and Winter Currant

    Or even a Pura home diffuser which you can operate from your smartphone or tablet with scent choices including Feu De Bois, Sea & Dune, and Champagne.

    We even have a wide selection of Valentine's cards and gift bags, so this can be your literal one-stop-shop for the holiday.

    So in the end, who the heck needs Cupid when you’ve got us here at Remedy Road for all your V-Day needs. Until next time….

    Blog #19- Brand Spotlight Especially for Valentine’s Day- Murphy’s Jewelers

    Blog #19- Brand Spotlight Especially for Valentine’s Day- Murphy’s Jewelers

    Blog #19-

    Brand Spotlight Especially for Valentine’s Day- Murphy’s Jewelers

    Hello everyone!! Today, we’re going to take a minute to shine a bright spotlight on a
    local brand: Murphy’s Jewelers out of Magnolia, Arkansas, who have a sparkling case full of gorgeous precious metals and stones on display in our store. Partly, this is just because we love featuring local shops when we can (I know Magnolia doesn’t count as part of Northwest Arkansas, but we can cut them some slack for that, right?). But Valentine’s Day is also rapidly approaching, and if you need help choosing something for the special lady in your life (or want to share the link to this blog with the special man/woman in your life so they know what to get you), hopefully this will solve all your holiday needs. 

    A tradition since 1939, it was founded by Jerome Murphy, and his son Richard joined him in the business in 1972. Now, Richard’s daughter Maggie is part of the team, making the store a third generation establishment. Mark Williams hopped on board in the early 90’s and now acts as the managing partner, and Aaron Wilkerson started at the same time, functioning as Murphy’s Bench jeweler. With Melissa Franks added into the mix, the team has over 100 years of experience between them- phenomenal! 

    While we offer a selection of their products inside Remedy Road, the original store features even more, you can check them out on their website-, they’re on Facebook and Instagram as well, and they even offer custom designs just for you. In-store in Magnolia, they handle appraisals, gold/diamond buying, engraving, and repairs too. What more could you ask for?

    But now for the really important part: Bea, what earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings are you showcasing inside Remedy Road this year for Murphy’s? Read on to find out…

    Earrings- in earrings, we have 14 karat yellow gold crawlers in a gently curved line of beadwork

    14 karat yellow gold beaded bar studs that are a smaller and daintier line of beadwork

    14 karat yellow gold quatrefoil studs in a delicate floral design

    Large (10-10.5 mm) 

    Medium ((8-8.5 mm)

    And small (4-4.5 mm) freshwater pearl stud earrings.

    Larger, thicker sterling silver hoops with an accent band of diamonds totaling .14 carats

    14 karat white gold unadorned hoops in three different sizes

    And 14 karat yellow gold hoops in two sizes.

    All of which are excellent for everyday staples she can wear with anything, anytime- just be sure you check if she has a preference for yellow versus silver in terms of metal color. 

    In terms of stones and the rest of the rainbow, we’re also featuring a lovely pair of 14 karat white gold genuine faceted ruby surrounded by diamond earring studs- perfect for Valentine’s Day in red. 

    Necklaces: in necklaces, we have seven different square solitaire pendants, including a stone in the center (amethyst- purple, diamond- white, onyx- black, emerald- green, ruby- red, sapphire- blue, or garnet- deep red), surrounded by 18 karat yellow gold, enclosed in sterling silver decorative beadwork. With any of the colored stones, you might stop to consider what her birthstone, favorite color, and favorite gem are to help you choose one, or other important dates associated with a month-based gemstone such as your anniversary, the kids’ birthdays, and yours as well. 

    More everyday pieces would include a beautiful .25 carat diamond cross in 14 karat white gold

    And an even more delicate cross in 14 karat rose gold with .13 carats in diamonds

    Or a 14 karat white gold infinity symbol accented with .03 carats of diamonds- a perfect way to tell her your love will last forever.

    A variety of open and closed star pendants such as an open 14 karat yellow gold, .07 carats diamond star

    A smaller, closed, 18 karat yellow gold single .01 carat diamond star 

    And another of the same, but this time in white gold with a .015 carat diamond in the center.

    An 18 karat white gold bar accented with round cut diamonds totaling .33 carats

    A design that resembles crystallized snowflakes in 14 karat white gold with .45 carats in baguette diamonds

    A 14 karat white gold 18 inch to 16 inch adjustable chain accented with ten round bezels, a diamonds by the yard if you will necklace

    A 14 karat white gold and black Tahitian floating pearl on an 18 inch rope chain

    Or a 14 karat white gold pink freshwater floating pearl on a 17 inch cable chain.

    A breast cancer awareness ribbon pendant in 14 karat rose gold with .05 carats in diamonds

    A beaded bujukan (a word that means flattery and flirting) yellow gold necklace

    A 14 karat yellow gold bujukan beaded circle which can also symbolize a love that will last, as a circle has no beginning or end

    Or an 18 karat yellow gold heart with a single .04 carat diamond in the center so you can literally give her your heart for Valentine’s Day.

    Bracelets: in bracelets, we have two very unusual black bangles, one a sterling silver and black enamel piece with decorative bands of diamonds weighing .08 carats

    The other a sterling silver and black enamel piece with red folliage decorative accents.

    Six different sterling silver rounded box link cuff bracelets with the following stones to choose from- diamond (white), citrine (yellow), ruby (dark pinkish red), pink tourmaline (light pink), or sapphire (blue)

    Or two different rhodium finished sterling silver round omega cuffs with rubies or sapphires accenting the ends

    A rhodium finished sterling silver basketweave cuff bracelet with yellow gold finish

    And a sterling silver rounded box link cuff bracelet with a high polished bar

    A sterling silver cable cuff with a diamond cross

    All of which are rigid bangle options.

    Or for the more flexible clasp bracelet models, we have a 14 karat yellow gold bujukan circle- a perfect match to the pendant we looked at earlier

    An 18 karat yellow gold paperclip bracelet that features three diamond links totaling .36 carats

    A hearts entwined yellow gold piece that’s a very Valentine’s option 

    And a 14 karat yellow gold “Love” bracelet- another V-Day themed choice

    An open star in yellow gold with .07 carats of diamonds

    An open star in 18 karat white gold, this time with .08 carats in diamonds

    An 18 karat white gold diamond shape with a .08 carat diamond in the center

    A .30 carat diamond bar in 18 karat rose gold

    And two different diamond bars, one in .22 carats and one in .30 carats on white gold chains.

    Rings: and in rings, we have a beautiful diamond baguette ring similar to the necklace we looked at earlier (who says you have to limit yourself to buying her one V-Day gift when coordinating pieces are available)

    A diamond encircling red corundum stones band (corundum is the same class of minerals as ruby and sapphire)

    And a band featuring eight rubies with one diamond in the center totaling 1.31 carats altogether, all three of which would go hand in hand with Valentine’s, considering the colors incorporated.

    An amethyst and diamond fashion ring in a unique double overlapping rectangular shape

    And a single blue sapphire with diamonds accenting the band

    Or an emerald cut ruby with round diamonds 

    We even have a 14 karat white gold engagement ring with a London blue topaz centerpiece that’s gorgeous and a diamond halo in .67 carats surrounding it. 

    In colored stackable options, there’s a white gold multicolor sapphire

    A white gold .55 carats blue topaz (light blue)

    A 14 karat rose gold .35 carats amethyst (purple)

    A white gold .46 carats garnet (deeper red)

    A 14 karat yellow gold .32 carats emerald (medium green)

    A 14 karat white gold .31 carats citrine (yellow)

    A 14 karat white gold .77 carats pink zircon (light pink)

    A 14 karat white gold .39 carats peridot (pale green)

    A rose gold topaz (yellowish orange) 

    A white gold .55 carats ruby (pinkish red)

    And a 14 karat yellow gold .56 carats sapphire band (darker blue) 

    So you could even choose multiples to coordinate like for example one for each of your children’s birthstones. 

    And in more everyday staples, there’s an edge line pave set ring that resembles a feather and solitaire

    A quilted pattern band in white gold

    A white gold twisted rope band

    A white gold brushed branch and leaf ring that’s my definite favorite

    A 14 karat yellow gold beaded design band

    A 14 karat yellow gold hexagon pattern band 

    A segmented diamond band

    And a yellow gold square station diamond band

    Which can also all be mixed and matched as they’re stackable options.

    And in the immortal words of Mr. Porky Pig, “That’s all, folks!” If there isn’t something on this list that she’ll absolutely adore for Valentine’s Day, then I’ll eat my weight in Valentine’s marshmallow hearts (although I might do that anyway…  just because). This is Bea, signing off.

    January 29, 2022 by Lisa Vinson
    Blog #18- A Winter Wonderland of Fabulous Hairstyles for 2022 (plus a Spring/Summer Celebration, and a Fall Fete too)

    Blog #18- A Winter Wonderland of Fabulous Hairstyles for 2022 (plus a Spring/Summer Celebration, and a Fall Fete too)

    Blog #18-

    A Winter Wonderland of Fabulous Hairstyles for 2022 (plus a Spring/Summer Celebration, and a Fall Fete too)

    Welcome back, guys and gals, to our continuing discussion of what we should totally be trying out with gusto as far as our hair is concerned in 2022. Today, we’ll be focusing on how to style your luscious locks once you have the hue and cut you’ll love all year long. So first up is…


    1. The Big and Bouncy 90’s (or 60’s Volume)- perhaps because we’ve all spent SO much time on Zoom, Facetime, and whatnot for the past two years, we’ve realized that a little volume never hurt anyone. So big, bouncy blowouts like Holly Marie Combs’ Piper on the original hit show Charmed or going back even further in time, Christina Hendricks’ Joan Harris in period drama Mad Men sporting 60’s style volume are both great examples of this. Think mousse to thicken things up first, big round brushes, blow dryers, and maybe even your mom’s hot rollers to achieve these looks. 

    2. Long, Straight, and Sleek as a Mink- because 2022 looks like it’s going to be all about opposites (so that every one of us out there can find something that works well for her), the kind of long, board straight, and classy look we saw on Miss Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) of TVD fame around 2009 is one of the more popular choices stylists are predicting. So if you’re like me and you’ve spent your life ardently wishing for Julia Roberts’ waves or Kyra Sedgwick’s curls when you’re naturally straight, throw in the towel and give this a go instead. 

    3. Au Natural (Natural Waves, Texture, 80’s Curl, and Choppy Bends)- because 2022 is also all about you doing you, we can see the flip side of number 2 here. Air dry and fly, ladies with the natural waves, instead of using hot tools to straighten or curl. That will keep your hair healthier which is also “in,” and go for it, even if you’re a little naturally fluffy or wild-haired. Look at Jessica from American Pie all grown up below and rockin’ that gorgeous ginger. Just make sure that you use a good conditioner specific to your hair type.

    If you have the kind of curls we associate with the 80’s and Julia Roberts in Mystic Pizza, go for a cut that helps with volume and face-framing to avoid anything that looks too heavy.


    And if you’re naturally board straight like me, to introduce a little texture without a lot of damage on a daily basis, go for a shorter layer with pieces that pop out a bit more when you “wave” them with the straightener or curling iron (just a light quick flick at the ends- no holding it on there and counting in your head). Like the timeless Jennifer Aniston in one of my newer favs out there- Netflix’s Murder Mystery. 


    4. Middle Parts (sorry Millennials)- even the millennial hairdressers are advising clients to go middle as opposed to side part these days, so while you should always do what you want to do regardless, especially if you have straight locks, a middle part looks flattering on everyone and it never hurts to change things up every once in a while. After all, who could go wrong when they mimic Milla Jovovich in Dazed and Confused (even if it’s not the 70’s anymore).


    5. Wispy Bangs- on the bangs front, we have several good choices. Like Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) from WandaVision, you can opt for the soft, feminine, and wispy bangs that create movement and texture around the face, keeping heavy hair lighter. 


    6. Versus Grown-Out Curtain Bangs- or you can stick with the trend of the last few years and choose curtain bangs, but let them grow out (or just ask them to be cut that way in the first place). Not only will it save you trips to the stylist and therefore time and money, they also give volume in front, shape too, especially the slightly winged look that’s shorter in the middle and longer towards the sides, something that really falls somewhere in between true fringe and short layers. Those work on all hair textures and they’re incredibly easy to style like Penny (Kaley Cuoco) in Big Bang


    7. Versus Blunt Bangs- on the other hand, if you want something more daring and severe, especially if you already have bangs and want a bigger change, then you can opt for the heavier and straighter blunt bang favored by Lea Michele’s Rachel Berry on Glee. 


    8. Versus Cascading Bangs- but if you have naturally curly hair (although these work on straight and wavy as well- just ask Rory aka Alexis Bledel of Gilmore Girls), choose the cascading effect here where the bangs are cut to about eyelash length which helps showcase natural curl patterns and can be styled in a myriad of different ways. 


    9. Versus Tendrils (whew- so many ways to handle fringe)- and finally, back from our 90’s prom nights, we have this popular trend where roughly two strands are left out of an updo to add in a face-framing effect. They can hang straight, you can curl them to your heart’s delight, or you can even do braids, but no one did it better than Buffy Summers of vampire slaying fame.


    10. Rounded Fros- because natural is all the rage right now, stylists are also recommending the rounded afro to highlight each and every curl and coil. Most suggest a rounded shape or lion cut to mold the curls into the roundest form possible. This one also helps to keep your curls healthy and lively. Just ask Tracee Ellis Ross from Black-ish who incidentally has her very own hair care line, so she clearly knows her stuff. 


    11. And Cornrows- the key word here for 2022 is “intricate”- the smaller the braids, the better because the pictures and patterns that can be created here are literally endless. Find yourself a local hair artist and turn him or her loose to design something 100% unique for you. Rihanna has been highlighting this style for a while now, but Lupita Nyong’o from Us among other hits has featured my favs so far, some that look indie and artistic while others are classy and sleek. 


    12. Small Accent Braids- however, if you aren’t the right ethnicity to pull off the previous two styles, you do still have some regular braiding options on the table. We’re still very much embracing Y2K, so small accent braids are a good way to tap into this nostalgia and add some accent pieces/texture into your style du jour. Like the second Charmed entry on our list, Alyssa Milano’s always stylish Phoebe (seriously- this girl tried out every haircut and style under the sun and then some during their eight year run).


    13. Versus One Big Sleek Braid- or if you’d rather go all in, you can channel Prue aka Shannen Doherty instead (and now we have the entire Power of Three featured here) with one big, long, sleek, and tight braid which you can take all the way to the ends or stop short.  


    14. Say Hello Again to the High Pony- not just for cheerleaders anymore, another style similar to the sleek braid is the high pony, an option J Lo has been showcasing for decades now or more recently, Miss Ariana Grande from Victorious who has absolutely perfected this updo, so much so that it has become her trademark. I bet she wouldn’t mind if you borrowed it though. 


    15. And an Extravaganza of Accessories- and finally, moving back to the idea of the continuing Y2K craze, the more accessories you can coordinate into one style for the day, the better. From flowers to sculptured bling barrettes, from trailing headbands to bobby pins, or leather hair holders to decorative hair sticks, anything goes. Just find something that vibes with your overall aesthetic, or just the one for that particular day if you’re a fashion chameleon, and pile them on.


    And that, as they say, is all she wrote, guys and gals. Find a hue, cut, or “do” you absolutely love in the past several blogs and shine all year long!

    January 23, 2022 by Lisa Vinson
    Blog #17- Trending Haircuts and Styles to Ring in the New Year (And Keep Ringing It in All Year Long)

    Blog #17- Trending Haircuts and Styles to Ring in the New Year (And Keep Ringing It in All Year Long)

    Blog #17-

    Trending Haircuts and Styles to Ring in the New Year (And Keep Ringing It in All Year Long)

    Today, we’ll be moving from the land of hair color and the rainbows of different shades you can take a stab at over to planet haircut and its corresponding (and sometimes scary) shears plus all the ways you can style those with the many, many products and accessories out there! There will be a virtual ton of technical terms and definitions taken from interviews with top stylists in Cosmo, Allure, Glamour, and In Style, but don’t just take our word for it- if you’re contemplating a new cut or style for 2022, the more info you come to your appointment at the salon armed with, the better. That way, you and your stylist can discuss the minutiae and settle on something that gives you the look you’re hoping for, but a version that will fit your locks’ length, curl, and texture. So let’s get to it!


    1. The Big Chop- because the world has been so very unsteady for the past two years, many women will go for the big chop in 2022, hoping hair change will equal world change in a weird roundabout way, almost like the baseball player who refuses to change his socks because if he does, then his team’s sudden winning streak will evaporate, so stylists are predicting a cornucopia of pixies and other shorter styles. Experimentation with tailoring these to specific people in addition to the fun colors we discussed in the last two blogs makes people happy, and we all need something to keep us content as we can be, given everything going on. Thus, why you see so many shorter cuts below. 


    2. The Bixie: Hair’s New Portmanteau- for example, we have this one, named the hottest trend to watch on many fashion websites. It’s a cross between a pixie and a bob, and comes in too many lengths, shapes, and styles to cover in a book, let alone one blog post. The bixie is defined as equal parts pixie and bob, a shaggy bob, a mix of layers to add dimension and texture to hair. It began with stars like Winona Ryder, Cameron Diaz, and the lovable Kathleen Kelly aka owner of The Shop Around the Corner (aka Meg Ryan) in 1998’s You’ve Got Mail, and the new “it” girls like Florence Pugh and even more so, Rowan Blanchard have brought it back in a big way. 


    3. Classic Bobs- go a little bit longer, and you’ll be at a true bob, a timeless classic that has countless iterations and continues to add to its ranks every new season. For 2022, we have four versions of this style that will be popular, starting with the classic original. A classic bob is defined as a cut that puts hair the same length all the way around the head, typically sheared off to about chin length so that the hair falls just below the jawline. It’s usually worn with a center or side part, sleek and straight, like Miss Gale Weathers (aka Courtney Cox) in Scream 2 (and I still love those highlights she’s rocking). 


    4. Versus Sliced Bobs- on the other hand, the sliced bob is defined as a cool but effortless cut that does the work for you. It’s just barely longer in front, almost but not quite an A-line bob, allowing framing for the face. It’s named thus because the look is created by simply slicing through the hair with scissors only, it works great for fine and straight hair, it’s a little more severe than the classic, and it gives the hair movement. Just check out Mia Wallace below from Pulp Fiction (aka Uma Thurman). 


    5. Versus Boy Bobs- in contrast, the only definition the boy bob has is blunt- that’s it. The lack of rules for this style are to allow the stylist to cater to each client’s hair. The end result should feel undone as opposed to rigid, the length typically falls between chin and collarbone, and most hairdressers recommend air drying when styling. An excellent example is the enormously kick-butt Trinity of Matrix fame (Carrie-Anne Moss). 


    6. Versus Mid Length Bobs (Whew)- finally, the mid-length bob falls closer to the shoulders, so we might classify it under the same heading as a lob which can sit just above, at, or below the shoulders. Other than length, this one can be cut, parted, and styled in countless ways, but if you’re considering the “big chop,” a length like this might be a perfect gateway, especially if the prospect of cutting too much off at once fills you with dread. After all, just look at how gorgeous Juliet (Keira Knightley) is in my favorite X-mas movie ever, Love Actually. 


    7. The New Mullet- although the next three entries on the 2022 trending hairstyles list might look like an episode of Wild Kingdom, I promise, we’re still talking hair here. Like a crazy flashback to the 80s, the mullet is back and has been for some time now. It’s a controversial choice- people tend to absolutely adore it or absolutely despise it, and even though I wouldn’t be brave enough to say, “Mullet,” to a stylist once I sat down in the chair, you have to admit, Miley Cyrus’ take below is really cute (but I will argue with you ‘til the cows come home that her father’s version of it in “Achy Breaky Heart” was NOT a good thing). The mullet is defined as short bangs and choppy layers that blend those gradually to the longer hair in the back (or as Ash in Supernatural said, “All business up front, party in the back”), and as long as you go for the modern interpretation of it, you’ll be on trend and unique.


    8. The Wolf Cut- moving in order of length, a little longer is the wolf cut, defined as a creative version of the mullet which has the same choppy texture, pattern, and shape combined with the softness and wearability of the shag. So it’s sort of like a shullet? A mag? So think rocker Joan Jett, an updated 2022 version of that like Billie Eilish. 


    9. And the Octopus Cut (It’s Like a Zoo Around Here)- the newest cut on the list, the octopus is more like a flashback to the 70s (I swear my mom had this one in a sweet pic she took with my older sister a few years before I was born, and I guess this means we now have to stop poking fun of her as it’s on trend again). It’s defined as a cut with choppy and visible layers that resemble an octopus’ tentacles, hence the name, and it’s achieved by shearing the front shorter, making it top heavy, and then working in wispy, angled pieces that cascade down from the shoulders. In fact, this one is so new that I have failed you, dear readers- I could not find a movie character or rock goddess sporting this one in 2022, not yet at least. 


    10. The Modern Shag (Not the Dance- the Cut)- in a similar vein to the three above, the shag is also making a comeback, and a good one is all about layers, layers, layers. Just ask our beloved favorites Rachel, and to an extent, Monica as well from Friends fame (aka Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox making her second appearance on this list). Rachel’s shag was so awesome and prevalent in the 90s that we named the style after her. However, this is the modern take on the classic, so the definition you start from is choppy, lots of texture, but not like 80s hair metal bands. Actually, the less you do, the better it looks in terms of layering, so don’t go overboard and date it, and make sure the stylist gets the fringe just right. It should look like a style that has simply grown out somewhat, something effortless. So a bit more like Tay-tay now. 


    11. 90s Layers- if you want to stay a bit longer, try long 90s layers in your do (also referred to as heavy layers). They help add volume, movement, and shape which is especially important for those with naturally thick hair so that it doesn’t hang too heavy and lank, and they frame the face for softness. So think Cher in Clueless (Alicia Silverstone).


    12. Versus Tailored Layers- on the other hand, if you trust your stylist, you can also request that he or she tailor the layers to you and only you. Every one of us has a slightly different length and style, and we exist in opposites- fine versus coarse, thick versus thin, straight versus curly versus wavy, and the list goes on. And that’s just our hair. A cut should also take into consideration how much time you’re willing to spend on styling, how good you are at styling (or not), the structure of your face, your neck, your shoulders, and so on. A good hairdresser can make you shine if you just give them a little leeway and listen to their advice. For example, maybe your stylist opts for face-framing bangs that start out slim and short, curving towards the eyes, the longest ones following the cheekbones. The length and angle can be adjusted to your face shape, adding softness and drawing attention to the eyes. Just look at Kendall Carr below from AHS: Death Valley (Kaia Gerber). 


    And that’s just one HALF of the list of all the ways we can accentuate our beauty through hairstyle this year. Tune in next time for bangs, straight versus curly, parts, and updos among other things. Until then….

    January 14, 2022 by Lisa Vinson
    Blog #16- 22 (plus 3) 2022 Trending Hair Colors Part Deux

    Blog #16- 22 (plus 3) 2022 Trending Hair Colors Part Deux

    Blog #16-

    22 (plus 3) 2022 Trending Hair Colors Part Deux

    Welcome back guys and gals to part two of our 2022 trending hair colors discussion. Since we’ve already looked at the Cinderellas all the way over to the Pocahantases, today, while we’ll start out in the land of Disney princesses like fierce Merida, eventually, we’ll move on to colors the kids entertainment giant has yet to cover (though the little girl in me who often tries acid green or dark blue money pieces hopes they will soon- a punk princess would be an awesome addition to the ranks). So first up, let’s dive into…

    Ginger Mermaids:

    Taking up only 1% or 2% of the world’s locks, we have the Ariels of the world, and in the land of ginger, this year will be all about red, red, and more red, whether you were born that way or not, just like 2021 was. So on that note, we have… 

    1. Auburn Spice- if you want a change but are too afraid to go all in, try adding pops of auburn throughout your locks. You might even end up loving it so much that you jump fully into the land of ginger like I did. Your stylist can weave these pieces throughout your natural base shade, and it works especially well for warmer-toned brunettes, adding beautiful dimension like Wandavision’s very own Elizabeth Olsen. 

    2. Cinnamon- one of the lightest reds, this one is also a great choice if you’re accustomed to being a brunette or blonde. But as reds can quickly go wrong because there are so many subtle differences between them, and while there is a red out there for everyone, not anyone can wear any old red, make sure you bring tons of photos to the salon with you, in addition to asking your stylist’s advice about what would look good on you (and what wouldn’t). And actually listen to the hairdresser in question (haven’t we all ignored one at least once in our lives to disastrous results- I remember my traumatic decision in junior high to chop everything off like Demi Moore in Ghost all too well). So think Jessica Chastain in IT (as opposed to turning out more like Pennywise). Overall, it works well for creamy skin tones with a peachy warmth to them, green eyes, and/or hazel eyes. 

    3. Sweet Copper- going a bit brighter now, for this one, if you can, start from a pale, almost blonde base with copper undertones and build from there. It’s a pale strawberry red with pops of gold throughout, very lovely in the light, but make sure you invest in a red-boosting shampoo and conditioner to maintain the vibrant hue in between salon visits and maybe find out what stylist helps Riverdale’s famous Cherry Blossom (Madeleine Petsch) stay so shiny and bright. 

    4. Dimensional Copper- a much more “out there” copper choice, this shade works best as or with highlights and/or money pieces, like for example, the shot below. Believe it or not, straight-up copper looks great on every skin tone.

    5. Deep Auburn- much darker, a deep, rich shade of red is perfect for the winter months, complementing the fashion looks we tend to stick with every year. It looks gorgeous on women with darker skin tones, it adds warmth to brown eyes, and with green or blue, it sets a perfect contrast. Just be careful that you don’t go too violet when choosing a specific shade. We want you looking like a million bucks like Miss Keke Palmer.

    6. Mahogany Glow- perfect for dark natural or dye base colors, you can achieve this one by asking your stylist to add mahogany pigments to your usual brown color. Red-brown accents reflect light on deep brunette locks, adding gloss, shine, and dimension, and it looks particularly flattering on textured hair. Just ask my personal crush, Kristen Stewart, who has tried every color of the rainbow but looks especially spectacular in this hue. 

    Vivid Clubhouse:

    Surprisingly, even though 2021 and even more so for 2022, it’s all about bigger and badder where ALL of fashion is concerned, many of the most popular vivid colors right now are still considered “naturals” (like Scandinavian blonde or Irish chestnut). However, if even the most vivid of vivid reds isn’t enough for your inner wild child (aka GoGo Tomago of Big Hero 6), then consider trying out a few well-placed highlights or an entire head in one of these hues. 

    1. Princess Blue- think Jasmine’s bikini top, Tiana’s dress, or the ocean backdrop of Moana. Just make sure that you get your hair lightened enough before application, have your stylist use a filler to knock out any yellow tones that might distort the blue into green, and be wary of how this shade can bring out any redness in your skin tone. 

    2. Anime Pink- now think Taffyta Muttonfudge, the cherry blossoms in Mulan, and fairy Flora’s obsession with this color in Sleeping Beauty. I personally think Gwen Stefani nailed it best, way back in her No Doubt days. 

    3. Oddballs- finally, think of all the myriad of hues out there that don’t occupy real estate on your standard color wheel. Electric coral looks great on anyone’s skin. Tangerine will turn everyone’s head. Slime green and twisted lemon yellow are awesome acid and neon tone choices. Just embrace your creativity (or give your stylist free rein to do it for you). 

    Embrace Your Inner Not-So-Wicked-Queen:

    Grey, silver, and white are no longer synonymous with “old”- one of the few good things to come out of lockdown, thanks in part to celebs like Andie MacDowell. In fact, many celebs (and us regular folks too) found themselves embracing their grey during the peak of Covid, and that trend doesn’t seem to be fading any time soon. It absolutely does NOT make you a wicked stepmother in Cinderella or Ursula the sea witch. Instead, think Kidagakash "Kida" Nedakh in Atlantis, the daughter of the King of Atlantis (not the grandmother of the king). Just map out a plan with your stylist for the grow out (if you’re not willing to go for the big chop), and use glosses to defeat any yellowing. Just look at how awesomely punk Jamie Lee Curtis is below. 

    The Magic of Accents:

    However, if you’re not satisfied being all silver, let your natural gray shine through as accent pieces, or just add some of the accent choices below to spice up your locks. You can try one of these out alone, or if that’s too plain Jane for you, combine an accent with one of the whole head hues we’ve been discussing so far. For example, 


    1. Face Frame- replacing last year’s chunkier highlights, we have this option. Go for a brighter shade here which will accentuate the eyes without creating harsh lines around the face, your stylist can use a base drop and bright endlights which creates an ombre, and all you have to do is ask for this face frame with some color melting but leaving the ends out. 

    2. Fine Lines and Lights- also in place of last year’s larger accents, you can go for a finely woven mix of high and lowlights, creating a more natural look. Ask for babylights to keep the pieces from straying too large and standing out as opposed to being blended, and this choice works great on medium length hair in addition to blondes. 

    3. Backwards Balayage or Long Ombre- perfect for those who want low-maintenance hair, this is a newer trend. Ask for a root color that’s a shade lighter than the rest in addition to highlights and just let the whole thing grow out naturally to achieve the look. 

    4. Added Warmth- no matter what your base color is (blonde, brunette, redhead), and no matter what your dye of choice typically is, ask your hairdresser to add warm tones into your overall silhouette, a midlight in your highlighting technique. It adds warmth without skewing red (unless that’s what you’re going for), connecting your deepest and brightest colors for an excellent multidimensional look, especially if you go for pops of gold throughout. 

    5. Peekaboo and Dip Bolds- combine the best of both worlds here- natural base shades with hidden, highlighted, money piece, or ombre dipped vivids. The contrast between the two will be impactful and balanced, creating depth. Just keep in mind that your vivids will stay bright a lot longer if you regularly use a color lamination spray, shampoo, and conditioner. 

    Focus on Health.

    No matter what trend we’ve covered that you decide to try (or even if you say to heck with what’s in style and go au naturale or with something else entirely), the focus this year will be on healthy hair above all else. So make sure you schedule some self-care time to DIY it at home or book an appointment with your local stylist for repairs and upkeep, just like you would with oil changes and tire rotations for your car. You’ll thank me later. 

    Try Individual Customization.

    And keep in mind that just because you love a look we featured here or something you’ve seen on your spirit animal celeb, that doesn’t make it a good idea for you. That’s why it’s so important to work with a stylist when making big changes. Ask if the look is right for you, carefully considering your natural color, eye color, and skin tone, in addition to your personality, fashion sense, job, and how much work you’re willing to put in to make a look truly sing on a daily basis. So 2022 is all about INDIVIDUAL customization, not one size fits all. Maybe what you’re asking for is a terrible idea, or perhaps it just needs a few simple tweaks to make it work well for you. After all, I would love to wake up every morning looking like a real-life version of Ariel, but we can’t all be Disney princesses every hour of the day, nor should we be (I for one would make a terrible princess). 

    And that’s it, guys. Tune in next time for all the cuts and styles that will be eating up all your screen time this year and your Pinterest board to boot.

    January 11, 2022 by Lisa Vinson
    Blog #15- Exciting New Trending Colors for Your 2022 Locks

    Blog #15- Exciting New Trending Colors for Your 2022 Locks

    Blog #15-

    Exciting New Trending Colors for Your 2022 Locks

    We can braid it, stripe it with delicate tinsel, or let its natural curl run wild and free. We can add a balayage, accent it with peekaboo purple, or allow the silver of age to shine through. We can go cinnamon red, winter white blonde, or or even light brown with coral highlights. We flip it coquettishly, slather it in masks for better health and gloss, curl it, straighten it, crimp it, you name it. We even have whole musical movies about it (I’m looking at you Hairspray and Rock of Ages). Ah, hair, glorious hair.

    Women especially use it as one of our primary forms of self-expression and identity. Want to be fun and flirty? Go blonde. Fiery and passionate? Go ginger. A sexy and sultry bad girl? Go brunette. And maybe the best thing of all is every year, we get a brand new slew of fresh ideas for what to do with our beloved locks.

    While 2020 was obviously the year of low or even no-maintenance, 2021 started a trend back towards “normal,” like a cautious groundhog sticking its head out of its burrow hesitantly, but for 2022, stylists are predicting bigger and bolder in addition to a much, much wider range of fads, something for everyone as opposed to one size fits all. So below, we here at Remedy Road have gathered together all the most important info and prevalent trends as predicted by Vogue, Glamour, In Style, and top stylists from all across the country. 

    First, let’s dive into color.

    The Wonderful World of Blondes:

    The overall notes in terms of what’s going to be shaking and happening in the world of blondes for this new year (in other words our Cinderellas, Sleeping Beauties, and Elsas) are twofold. First, most seem to be trending lighter, and second, we’re seeing a much greater variety of blondes all on the same head, so fewer simple box colors and instead the multiest of multidimensionals. For example, 

    1. Expensive White- recommended primarily for those with lighter natural hair colors because it’s such an intense process to achieve the look, think old Hollywood for this one- the late great Marilyn Monroe or more recently, Anya Taylor-Joy. It will definitely make you stand out from the crowd, and though it’s one shade all over, it’s still high maintenance in that it’s a double processed look or high lift, so probably not something you should be trying at home if you want to keep your locks happy and healthy. 

    2. Silver and Gold Champagne- this one is a color that combines the beauty of warm and cool shades, starting with a cool blonde and adding in warm accents. Just ask the stylist for translucent pearl and silver toners on your already existing blonde to change it up into something new, especially if you’re already in the ash blonde category. For a visual, imagine Taylor Swift who has probably tried every iteration of blonde there is out there over the years. 

    3. Hippie Blonde- potentially very low-maintenance if you’re already a blonde, this shade combines natural roots with baby blonde faded in throughout, and just twice a year, you can do a natural blonde color melt with your hairdresser. However, you can certainly tackle this one if you’re naturally a darker hue, it just means more upkeep on the roots. Simply channel your inner fun-girl Cameron Diaz. 

    4. Buttercream- if you’re an existing blonde and want to go lighter but not the Monroe white above, try this hue. It’s baby blonde with added warmth, and how hot and buttery you should go will all depend on your eye, skin, and lip coloring. That added warmth is what’s tough to pull off if you’re not a blonde by birth without skewing over into something else, like brassy for example. Just picture Reese Witherspoon (aka Elle Woods) in her pinkest and glitteriest role ever. 

    5. Sandy Beach- take not ash, not gold, but both, combined with highlights and midlights to create a multidimensional mix of warm sandy and cooler beige tones that will vibe like Florida, the Caribbean, and Ibiza all year long, no matter how cold it gets in the northern climes. Simply dig through the sandcastle and connect with your Kylie Jenner blonde spirit animal. 

    6. Blonde Balayage- since high maintenance is back, so is this, and it’s a wonderful way to work your way slowly between blonde and brunette or even a little bit of both- just straddle the line if you don’t want to choose. Check out singer-songwriter Izzy Bizu’s curls for inspiration. 

    Beauty and the Beast Brunettes:

    On the other side of the board, we have the Belles, Snow Whites, Jasmines, Mulans, and Tianas of the world, and in the land of brunette, this year will be all about an incredibly wide range of browns- the differences between each are super subtle. That and gloss gloss gloss. Like, 

    1. Expensive Brown- this one is all about giving the darker shades more energy, detail, and depth, so once again, out with the at-home box colors and in with the trips to the salon. You’ll look good and therefore feel good, not to mention like two hundred bucks (possibly more depending on how long your locks are). We have stylists for a reason and that’s because they can work hair magic that the rest of us mere mortals can only dream of, so think of this one like brush strokes in a Van Gogh painting- no two strands would be exactly alike- and channel your inner celebs such as Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber here. 

    2. Hazelnut- this one is actually a little less maintenance and takes its inspiration directly from the nature it’s named after. You start with a hazelnut shade and then play in some golden brown and deeper ashy browns as well to achieve the kinds of striations you might see in a tree truck. Find your inner queen for this one and be like Kate Middleton. 

    3. Caramel- and here’s where the “subtle” I mentioned above comes into play. Caramel means adding warmth to typically a medium brown but without veering off into red territory. If you’re a natural Belle of Disney fame, ask your stylist for midlights one or two levels lighter than your normal in addition to some well-placed ribbons of neutral-warm highlights. This is a shade Jessica Alba’s been wowing us with since Never Been Kissed. 

    4. Amber-the trick to this one is a brown base with faded highlights from the summer (or new highlights hand-painted around your face and throughout the crown), which your hairdresser can add a warm, blushy gloss to, again without skewing over into the land of ginger. Our very own Pretty Woman, Miss Julia Roberts is the best inspiration on this hue. 

    5. Deep Dimension- basically, this one is a rainbow of browns which can even be added to black, shade on shade dimension which gives hair depth and variety. For the upkeep, try a hair mask in ash brown to prevent brassiness from bleeding through. You never know- you might even win your very own Spiderman just like Zendaya in the process as this is a shade she excels at. 

    6. Glossy Espresso- perfect for winter, this hue is a one-color-all-over look that’s achieved by layering different glosses to create a deep brown sans red, old highlights, or brassiness that might be left over from the warmer months. It can make a really dramatic statement by enhancing your eye color and skin tone. Just ask Anne Hathaway who might not be a Disney princess but is a princess of Genovia and Julie Andrews’ heart. 


    7. Midnight Brown- this one is ALMOST over into the land of Snow White and other black-haired beauties, and in fact, most guys (and girls who haven’t experimented much with their hues over the years) might just chalk it up to black and move on, but there is a subtle difference between the two when the light hits it, a fine line that sexy vixen Megan Fox has crossed many times over the years. 

    8. Black Diamonds-black is often considered a power color as it oozes charisma and glamour. The key is keeping it shiny and healthy. Ask your hairdresser for an inky black plus a gloss, and it will make your skin look fabulous in the end, achieving what’s lovingly called the Snow White effect for those of you, like me, who are on the paler side of things. But it can also bring out rich tones on darker skin, so it works well for anyone. Just ask Lana Condor and all the boys she has ever loved on Netflix.  

    9. Brown Balayage- keep your hair natural looking by embracing this as opposed to something more drastic. You’ll look sun-kissed even in the dead of winter like Beyonce. 

    Now that gets the larger portion of the hair population covered for us, but what about those elusive gingers, accents, and really out there color choices? Tune in next time to finish our walk through the wonderful world of hair color in 2022!
    January 08, 2022 by Lisa Vinson
    Blog #14- Spotlight on Purpose Brand

    Blog #14- Spotlight on Purpose Brand

    Blog #14-

    Spotlight on Purpose Brand

    It’s a 150 billion dollar per year industry, meaning its profits are greater than Google, Starbucks, and Nike combined. It’s also the fastest-growing criminal enterprise in the world, second only to drugs. Of its victims, 71% are female, the men are typically used for labor purposes, and 20.1 million people total are trapped in that branch, whereas 4.8 million end up in a much, much worse situation. 

    What am I talking about? The disgusting, destructive industry of human trafficking. 

    Issues such as mass displacements, conflicts, violence, extreme poverty, lack of education, and little access to job opportunities put people at greater risk of falling prey to human traffickers. Perpetrators make victims dependent on them, exploiting that, and unbelievably, intimate partners are the ones who usually “recruit” those for sex trafficking, while family members and so-called friends are more likely to exploit someone for labor trafficking. Sadly, this has all proven difficult to end or even prevent. The demand for cheap goods encourages companies to exploit those at the bottom for labor trafficking, and the profoundly disturbing demand for sex with boys, girls, young men, and young women drives sex trafficking. It’s all a low cost/high profit industry as a human being can be “used” repeatedly as a “good,” so traffickers see it as a low risk/high reward gamble.

    While it all sounds like the kind of tragedy we’ll never get a proper handle on, change starts one person at a time.

    Enter Purpose. A nonprofit organization that was founded in 2007 by Stephanie Pollaro and Wendy Dailey who had witnessed firsthand the horrors of trafficking, they saw a need for a safety net between those who rescue people from trafficking and the victims re-entering society. Pollaro worked with women in Mumbai, India, teaching survivors to craft jewelry, while Dailey taught the rest of the world about trafficking, selling the survivors’ goods, and growing their nonprofit from Orange County, California. 

    Almost fifteen years later, they have International Sanctuaries in Orange County; Mumbai; Tijuana, Mexico; Kampala, Uganda; and Cebu in the Philippines. 

    Their mission is to empower girls and young women who are escaping trafficking to realize their true worth and identity by giving them dignity, hope, and freedom. While at the sanctuaries, the women are provided with income, holistic healthcare, education, and community through learning craftsmanship as well as soft skills and financial planning. They have a place where they belong, to love and be loved, to feel safe finally, to heal and grow, where the staff are trauma-informed. 

    The wares that come out of the Purpose brand are handcrafted, processed, hand-signed, packaged, inventoried, and shipped 100% by trafficking survivors. So it’s about helping, NOT handouts. For example, in 2019-2020, they employed 179 rescued women. 

    Via their website,, you can donate . Employers can match individuals’ donations. There is an affiliate program for influencers, bloggers, magazines, etc. called Share-A-Sale. There are brick-and-mortar stores across the country that carry their products, such as ours here at Remedy Road. And 100% of Purpose’s proceeds go directly to the survivors employed there. 

    Below, you can see some of my favorites that we feature in-house, including year-round staples such as 4 different styles of statement earrings (which incidentally are very “in” this season) in addition to 2 ornaments that are versatile enough to be used even when it’s no longer X-mas-

    All of this is therefore simply to say that when you shop with us or via their website directly, you can be one of those people who helps begin the end of one of the most tragic and heartbreaking crimes occurring all across the world, even in our own backyard, every day. YOU can change the world. You can chip away at that seemingly insurmountable 25 million large number until eventually, it disappears completely.
    January 03, 2022 by Lisa Vinson
    Blog #13- Make Her a Shiny Happy People This X-mas

    Blog #13- Make Her a Shiny Happy People This X-mas

    Blog #13-

    Make Her a Shiny Happy People This X-mas

    Hello again, guys out there (and gals too)! Today’s blog is all about helping you pick out the best shiny happy present out there for the special ladies in your life (aka jewelry). Now I know this can be a frightening prospect as you can get into all sorts of trouble if you choose poorly, but I’ll be right here the whole time holding your hand virtually.

    So first up, we need to select a brand and price point because while many of us just want something sparkly and expensive (nothing wrong with that, right? we’re worth it), others would actually prefer something on the more reasonable side that’s also for a good cause. 

    If you’re interested in fine jewelry, Murphy’s Jewelers from Magnolia, Arkansas, which is where our very own Lisa hails from, has set up shop in our store, bringing with them some absolutely gorgeous pieces. The nice thing about a purchase like that (other than the fact that she’ll love you for it), is that you’re helping support a small local business that has been making the world a more beautiful place one jewel at a time since 1939. 

    On the other hand, we also carry Pura Vida which donates a portion of purchases to a wide variety of causes including save the coral reefs, charity:water, suicide prevention and awareness, the National Parks Conservation Association, the Rainforest Trust, the Surfrider’s Foundation, and the World Wildlife Fund. 

    There’s Purpose, a brand that works with International Sanctuary and women rescued from sex trafficking, in addition to Bracha whose focus is the same. ABLE works with women to break the cycle of generational poverty, Mata Traders focuses on Fair Trade in India and Nepal, and Beljoy teams up with Touch of Hope Haiti and the Starfish Program. Any of that info is the kind of thing you should definitely make note of to share with her, letting her know that you did something charitable in her good name this holiday season.

    Once that’s decided, we can move on to piece, as in are you looking for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or rings. 

    If you’re on the hunt for earrings, then make sure her ears are pierced first as we don’t carry clip-ons. Find out if she has any allergies to specific metals (which we’ll need no matter what you’re shopping for), and make a note of if she prefers small studs, something in the more medium range in terms of size, or longer and larger dangles and hoops. 

    However, if you’re scrounging around for the perfect bling in necklaces, then we’ll need how tall she is, how long her neck is (pics would help), and what length she prefers, from super short chokers to those that hit right above the waist. 

    If you’re searching for the creme de la creme in bracelets, does she usually wear rigid bangles or something more flexible, clasps or those that slide over the hand? Does she favor plain or something adorned with charms, and does she wear them on her wrists or prefer something around her ankle, no matter how cold it is outside, baby?

    But if you’d like a ring to make her day this X-mas, then you’re going to need to get creative to find out her size and which finger she actually still has real estate available on. The easiest method would be to get your hands on one she typically wears on her ring finger and bring it in with you, though there are ring sizers at only-jewelry stores and many different methods online at sites such as to help you figure it out- just keep in mind that those will probably require her actual finger which makes the surprise portion of the gift problematic. You’ll also need to consider how rough she is on her hands, if she has had any injuries to them in the past, if her knuckles get in the way of narrower rings, anything that relates back to size. 

    The good news is most rings are capable of being sized up or down by a professional jeweler if they come in a standard size 7, though not too drastically, and many are fashioned to be adjustable immediately by the wearer.

    Step three in the picking out jewelry process would be selecting metals and stones. Look at her engagement ring, wedding band, and favorite pieces in her jewelry box. We need to know if she prefers yellow gold, silver, or rose gold. A lot of that will be tied to her coloring and what she looks best in, so the more info you can give us on her appearance, the better. 

    Also, does she like plainer pieces or those with precious or semi-precious stones, and if so, which ones? To help answer that, have her birthday, yours, the kids’, and your anniversary date ready, in addition to her favorite colors, meaning take a close look at her closet and the staples she wears every day. 

    Then, we’ll need to talk about her style. Does she like big and loud or small and dainty? Simple or an in-your-face statement? Is she boho and indie? Preppy and professional? A rock-and-roll girl? A country girl? Are there certain images she adores like crosses, hearts, stars, butterflies, or initials? Again, refer back to what she already has to help us with those details. 

    My last piece of advice is simple: if you’re still feeling worried, appeal to the other women in her life- her bestie, mom, grandmother, aunt, work friends, daughter, etc. It never hurts to get a few back-up opinions, and she’ll appreciate the extra effort you’re putting into the gift when she finds out. 

    So moving from the lower tiers to the upper tier of fine jewelry, here’s a brief overview of what we carry in-store to help spark some ideas for you:

    The Pura Vida line includes simple and small earrings in silver and rose gold in a variety of shapes, some of which incorporate pearl or opal. 

    In necklaces, those are on the shorter and daintier side in yellow gold, silver, and rose gold, pendants with a wide range in charms, with and without semi-precious stones such as amethyst, mermaid quartz, and opal.

    In bracelets, they carry those in sealed wax string to prevent them from wearing out; others with charms such as different animals; those with touches of rose gold, silver, and yellow gold in every color of the rainbow; and a few with stones like druzy, rose quartz, mermaid quartz, and amethyst.

    And finally rings. We have silver and rose gold, with and without stones, for fingers and for toes, all in sizes ranging from 5 up to 9. There are even matching sets such as the rose gold opal sea turtle earrings and ring. 

    Moving on up the line, we have Bracha and the other brands that focus on a cause. Much of what’s in this section is yellow gold, with bits of silver and rose gold here and there. In terms of stones, it’s essentially sparkle as well as a number of pearl pieces, with touches of color in the more statement-oriented items. 

    As far as earrings, some of the most beautiful choices are the sweet yellow heart studs with sparkle drops that loop around like hoops, the star studs at the top of the large thin hoops, and the sparkle rainbow extreme dangles- all by Bracha. 

    Choice necklaces include the dainty 360 wrap-around butterflies, the star/yellow gold/pearl mixed media, and the sweet little cross and heart pendant. 

    On the other hand, in terms of bracelets, some of my faves include the Mata Traders double heart which is available in silver and yellow gold with touches of red, the pink and sparkle open bangle, or the stretchy Bracha initials. 

    And for rings, we have a gorgeous sparkle butterfly statement, one in white as well (which I might be adding to my own stocking), and a double star that will show her what a rock star you think she is.

    That just leaves Murphy’s fine jewelry collection which features the following stones: diamond, emerald, ruby, citrine, sapphire, amethyst, pearl, garnet, onyx, blue topaz, and peridot. Choose from a wide variety of yellow and white gold hoops in different sizes or pearl studs.

    Give her a dainty infinity symbol necklace that says your love is endless, a yellow gold paperclip chain that she can layer with just about anything, or a simple black pearl pendant.

    Hide a double heart, cross, or ebony and crimson bangle bracelet in the tree for her on X-mas Eve. 

    Or make her sparkle, literally and figuratively, with a rainbow band of stones or a dainty silver leaf ring, a double rectangular amethyst or a simple birthstone band, a row of rubies and diamonds or a single sapphire. 

    And keep in mind that you don’t have to stop at just one because some of us love layering necklaces and rings especially. 

    So that’s it, guys- the end of the road. Hopefully, this helps, and if you feel at all unsure, gather as much intel as you can and come see the ladies of Remedy Road for a last-minute shopping life preserver.

    Happy Holidays! 

    December 21, 2021 by Lisa Vinson
    Blog #12- Gift-Giving Guide to Shopping for Her

    Blog #12- Gift-Giving Guide to Shopping for Her

    Blog #12-

    Gift-Giving Guide to Shopping for Her

    Okay guys out there- this one’s for you. How many times have you bemoaned the fact that we women are SO hard to shop for? Whether it’s your wife, girlfriend, best friend, boss, coworker, mother, grandmother, daughter, or granddaughter? Probably loudly? Often? And to absolutely anyone who will listen? Even we harried shopkeepers at Christmas time? 

    Well, we listened. So this blog and the next are designed to help solve the eternal question of “What should I buy her this X-mas?” (although obviously, ladies, read on for suggestions on what to buy the other women in your life or forward this to the men in your life if you’re feeling charitable and full of holiday spirit). 

    What to buy a woman all depends on who she is, what groups and categories she fits into, hence the way the list is set up below. So up first is:

    1. The fun girl who loves constant change- Yes guys, some of us definitely need more than one purse. Maybe more than a dozen. Possibly more than a googolplex. So this is often a fun and safe bet for the woman who embraces change.

    There are backpack purses, colorful Shiraleah shoulder bags, large furry purses, tiny furry purses, sparkly and clear ones, puffy shoulder bags, furry clutches, and even glitter-filled totes. 

    Think about what she’ll use it for- every day or a special night out. Look at the colors in her closet to help us help you settle on a hue. And peruse her already existing collection of bags, so you don’t end up with something that’s too similar. 

    2. The girl who likes to invest in just one good thing- On the flip side, some girls prefer to pick out just one multi-purpose, more expensive, quality, and versatile bag that she can stick with year-round. For her, I give you the ABLE bag first and foremost. Made of leather, they age beautifully, and you can feel good about the purchase because they “believe that the end to generational poverty will happen when people are ABLE to provide for themselves.” This is why they “focus on creating sustainable job opportunities for women in Ethiopia, Mexico, and Nashville.”

    However, JOYN bags are also an excellent choice and a more vegan alternative with a “vision to be a conduit for opportunities in underserved communities,” and they bring their “handmade products to people across the world- JOYNing them to markets and opportunities with fairness, equality, and justice.” 

    In these brands and more, we offer backpacks, hobo bags, totes with short straps, longer crossbody bags, bucket purses, shoulder bags, and overnighters in brown, black, gray, and blue, lighter and darker options, and combinations of those. 

    To figure out which would be best, look at her existing shoes, jackets, and purses- does she favor black or brown? Look at her hair color, eye color, and skin tone- is she a warm, a cool, or a neutral? Does she prefer her everyday use purses to be smaller and more compact or bigger and bottomless? You could even purchase the overnight bag, and use that to tell her you’re taking her on a special holiday getaway. 

    3. The girly girl- Even in a state like Arkansas, we still have our fair share of girly girls (or outdoorsy girls who still love to get a bit glammed up now and then), so if your special lady fits this bill, then let us help you pick out a fun and flirty or sleek and sophisticated dress, matching jewelry, and a purse to complement the new outfit. We’ll dive into jewelry in A LOT more depth in the next blog, but first we have to choose the main course for her.

    Be prepared to tell us her height and weight, and a few candid shots of her on your phone would help out enormously. Check out her closet before you head to the shop, so you can give us details about her favorite colors, the ones she looks best in, styles she favors, and other dresses she owns (you might even shoot a quick video of her closet to give us even more info to work with). If you’re still concerned we won’t get it just right, text her best friend for a few suggestions. 

    We have a range of standard little black dresses, and you can never go wrong there, in addition to sparkly gold, silver, and blue/green strappy numbers; a sleek and silky green dress; a sophisticated champagne colored wrap dress; and a pink sequined number. Once that is chosen, we can help you coordinate the accessories, and you might use a gift like this as a segue to another- taking her out for a special holiday date. 

    4. The outdoorsy girl- On the other hand, if the girl who tolerates you in her life prefers hiking, camping, fishing, or four-wheeler riding, then consider more outdoor-related gift ideas. 

    There’s the portable bonfire you can even use at home which is a pretty novel idea. A camp mug will keep her caffeinated on overnight trips out. We have a range of different colored but still neutral and practical beanies to keep her head toasty and warm for winter expeditions. Aviator Nation offers many ridiculously soft tees, crewneck sweatshirts, and hoodies, some that are more surf-related and others that are more reminiscent of the forests around us here in Arkansas. Pura Vida’s jewelry line not only features nature in their products, such as the narwhal bracelet, but they also donate a portion of the proceeds to various wildlife and outdoor causes. If she really loves the cold weather like I do, we have ski sweatshirts too. And you can even bring a bit of the outdoors into your home with nature-scented candles by Little Bison. Many of these gifts would also be a great way to tell her you’re giving her a trip that’s right up her alley (trail? beach?) for the holidays. 

    5. The party girl- If your wife, fiance, or girlfriend is always going going going, the stereotypical social butterfly, so Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City basically, or she would love to be but rarely has the time between kids, work, school, and life in general, then suggest she take the time over the holidays for a girls night out, and supply her with the dress, purse, and party drink holder that she needs to do it all in style. She’ll thank you for it!

    6. The stay-at-home-Netflix-and-chill girl- But if she’s more of an introvert like me, a homebody, a couch potato, then help her do that in style and, more importantly, comfort as well. 

    There are tons of cozy loungewear options like our Cheers sweatshirt and coordinating red bottoms, the Button Me Up Cozy hoodie and joggers in the softest off-white you’ve ever laid your hands on, our lilac Remedy hoodie and black Talking Distance Cozy pants, the Spiritual Gangster hoodie dress, or Melody sweater in black and white stars with matching bottoms. She’ll also need a set of teleties to put her hair up, a pair of uber-soft Spiritual Gangster cozy socks, a pair of Avalon slippers to bathe her tootsies in comfort, a blanket like the Berber Wares Venetian Red + Black Cotton Pom to snuggle under, and a Be Nice or Leave rainbow throw pillow to lay on. 

    7. The Christian woman- If church is a vital part of her life and yours together, then consider investing in our hymn tea towels, a unique addition to any home, and with every color of the rainbow (seriously- we have ALL of ROY G BIV covered) and every popular hymn imaginable, even if you don’t know how your own kitchen is decorated (no shame in that), just grab one of each and you’re sure to get something right. 

    Those in-store include Amazing Grace, Be Thou my vision, Blessed assurance, Come Thou font, For the beauty of the earth, Great is Thy faithfulness, In Christ alone, How firm a foundation, My hope is built, Abide with me, Rock of Ages, This is my Father’s world, Holy holy holy, All creatures of Our God and King, Go tell it on the mountain, Oh come oh come Emmanuel, Joy to the World, and Leaning on the everlasting arms. But don’t stop there- we also have frameable prints and bookmarks, and if she especially loves this time of year, then pick her up some laymen’s decor as well, such as the X-mas themed pop its (not just for kids), tea towels, stockings, ornaments, and her very own Santa bag. 

    8. The do-gooder- And even if she’s not a member of this particular religion but still cares deeply about leaving the world a better place than she found it, we have a veritable smorgasbord of brands that are all about saving the planet in one way or another. ABLE helps women in impoverished areas, the Starfish Project benefits women and girls rescued from sex-trafficking, Bracha and Purpose do the same, DAZE is all about environmentally friendly denim, JOYN aids women in India, Little Bison works with orphans, United by Blue cleans up our oceans, Pura Via saves the rainforests, and Teleties donates to FORCE- Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered, and the list goes on. 

    9. The home decor guru gal- Does your special lady like what often seems to you to be totally pointless throw blankets? Throw pillows? Throw rugs? And the like? Do the color schemes of the rooms in your house change on a yearly basis? Are there a lot of DIY projects going on monthly? Then perhaps home decorating is her thing. 

    The key to nailing the right gift in this category is pictures pictures pictures. The more info you can give us about what the existing decor looks like (at least for now), the better we can direct you to the right gift. 

    Take a deep breath because this is a big list too: pillows, blankets, candles by Little Bison and Lafco, poufs, ottomans, lamps, tea sets, mugs, baskets, bowls, wall hangers, chairs, planters, Turkish rugs, other miscellaneous rugs, stools, Amy Eichler paintings, and I’m sure I’ve left something off. 

    10. The goddess in the bath- Or maybe your goddess focuses her attention on one specific room in the house- the most comfortable and relaxing bathroom known to man (and woman). Hint- if she takes more than three long soaks in the tub per week without some sort of medical reasoning, then she’s a bath girl. 

    There are bath bombs, shower bombs, and tub truffles. Salt scrubs, spa salts, and shower jelly. Whipped bath soap, body butter, and bath salts that come in champagne or wine bottles. I know that probably gives you a headache just thinking about what in the world we use all those things for, but the only pertinent info we’ll need to help you here is what scents does she prefer, so take a good long look at the products already in your bathroom to help us out there. And that’s just what goes in the tub.

    She’ll also need candles to set the mood. A soft bath mat to step out on. Cozy slippers to slide her feet into. Towel scrunchies to hold her hair back. A Warmies eye mask to drift off to sleep afterwards. And a satin pillowcase to make her morning hair magically evaporate. 

    11. The eternally cold-natured gal- No guys, this one doesn’t have anything to do with her personality. If she’s constantly asking you to warm up her hands for her, putting her cold nose on your warm cheek, or putting her even colder toes on your even warmer legs, I don’t want to halt all the snuggling, but you might get her some gifts in this vein.

    From head to toe, we have beanies, head wraps, earmuffs, Warmies that go on your head or eyes or in stuffed animal form, things essential to making hot tea, mugs, hot cocoa and marshmallows, chili mix, scarves, sweatshirts, hoodies, sweaters, cozy coats and jackets, gloves, cozy pants, cozy socks, and soft slippers. Just go for her favorite colors and foods, and you’ll be able to keep your own cheeks and legs a little warmer. 

    12. The fashion-forward-no-matter-how-cold-it-is lady- But if she scoffs at cold weather, choosing instead to wear whatever she wants, regardless of the sleet outside (although as this is Arkansas, you can just wait half an hour and the weather will change), then get her a fashion-related gift to help keep her in style (just peruse our previous blogs on what everyone’s wearing for fall/winter 2021), and when in doubt, ask her mom, grandma, sister, aunt, cousin, bestie, or coworkers. 

    Now on our next outing, we’ll talk “Silver and gold/ Silver and gold/ Mean so much more when I see/ Silver and gold decorations/ On ev'ry Christmas tree” (meaning get her something silver and gold that she can wear and hide it in plain sight on the X-mas tree because that trick worked exceedingly well one year for my grandfather)- it’s our jewelry-buying guide! So until next time….

    December 18, 2021 by Lisa Vinson