Live with Purpose. Shop with Purpose.

Remedy Road is a socially-conscious, people-conscious boutique on a mission to not only sell beautiful products, but also to emphasize the artisans who made them.

We understand that behind every purchase is a person, and behind every person is a story. Each of our brands are committed to making a unique impact on the world by fighting poverty & hunger, creating jobs for the disadvantaged, and taking care of our environment.

Our mantra: "Live with Purpose. Shop with Purpose." is an embodiment of the idea that the way we shop is an extension of the way we live.

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You can't care about everything - but everybody can care about something. Whether it be fighting poverty, empowering women, or taking care of the environment, we all have causes we believe in. And when you are able to take that cause and integrate it with your daily life we believe beautiful things happen. So take this opportunity to get to know a few of our favorite brands in the store. Who knows, you just might find a cause you can get behind.

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