Blog #3 Fall/Winter Fashion: Part 3

Blog #3

Colors Trending for 2021 Fall/Winter Fashion, Part 3


Hello ladies, divas, and fashionable gentlemen! Today, we’ll be diving into our last color family to grace autumn/winter Fashion Week, Shutterstock and Pantone screens, and the pages of our favorite fashion mags. 


The Subtler Side…


Let’s start with

  1. By the light of the Silver(y) moon- like Tidewater green and Vibrant yellow, a true silver can be tough to find in fabric, one that really makes you sparkle in the sunlight (or even better, moonlight). But a little can go a long way. Just look at how lovely this sweater is paired against black jeans:

And of course you can always turn to your accessories for help with this one- silver jewelry or even an adorable handbag:

2.Pretty in Frosty Pink- where we had fuschia the last time around, this shade is more reminiscent of cupcakes and icing. Not just for baby girls, big girls can try out a fun and flirty turtleneck like this one:

This colorblock cardigan also includes other hues on our lists including Clay, Army green, and the Indigo blue that’s coming up:


And this pantsuit with bustier and white sneakers shows us that you don’t have to settle for more masculine colors to be taken seriously at the office:

(courtesy of For Love and Lemons)

 3.Lilac Purple (rain)- this is another one that makes me personally a bit nervous, but if you’re good at channeling your inner Prince, like Frosty pink, this hue is all cupcakes, unicorns, and fairy dust- fun and flirty. In other words, a fantastic idea if you’re looking for something feminine and more unique than some of the other color choices. 


It can be done as a simple sweater:


A gorgeous maxi dress: 


                                  (courtesy of For Love and Lemons)


Or Fashion Week’s Veronica Beard and these Fab. U. Lous pants:

 4.Soft Gray (street)- a much easier find than a true silver, this one puts you in mind of that cozy sweatshirt you stole from your college boyfriend and wore until it literally fell apart.

Much like this one:


But Soft gray is one of the most versatile colors on the list. Just look at the detail on this adorable jumpsuit:


Or this killer suit from designer Maisie Wilen:


 5.It was all Soft Yellow- our third and final yellow, this one is perfect for the pale sunshine of January in winter. And most often, it’s being paired up with the Soft gray above. 


Just imagine this comfy sweater with a pair of Soft gray flare yoga pants:

(courtesy of For Love and Lemons)


Or this beanie literally every day of December, January, February, maybe even March in Arkansas:


And finally…

6.Indigo (behind) Blue (eyes)- quite possibly my favorite hue of all (I could live in jeans- seriously, every day), denim is everywhere this fall. High-rise, low-rise, crop, flare leg, mom, or dad cut, obviously, we all know how to incorporate Indigo in jeans and on our bottom half, but denim on denim is making a big comeback, it’s all the rage in jackets, and there were some absolutely stunning dresses, gowns, and pumps at Fashion Week in a variety of fabrics. 

Below are some of our favorite jumpers and jackets:



(courtesy of ABLE)


And that’s it, guys. Whew! Three posts and sixteen exciting shades. As usual, hit us below in the comments and share any favs you’re planning on debuting in any of the Earth tones, Brights, or Subtler shades this fall and winter.


October 27, 2021 by Lisa Vinson
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