Blog #6-  11 Fall & Winter Outfits to Die For (Just in Time for Halloween and Dia de Muertos)

Blog #6- 11 Fall & Winter Outfits to Die For (Just in Time for Halloween and Dia de Muertos)

Blog #6-

11 Fall/Winter Outfits to Die For (Just in Time for Halloween and Dia de Muertos)

Welcome back fashion aficionados! Today, we’ll be diving into a brand new pile of leaves, not accessories but entire outfits for fall/winter 2021, fresh off the streets and runways of NYC and Paris. Because some things just cannot or should not be separated (rom and com, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, Dracula and Renfield, snow and hot cocoa, Macaulay Culkin and elaborately laid traps- I could go on).

So up first:

1. How to Make an American Knitwear- Knit is everywhere this season (and thank goodness we no longer have to knit it ourselves).

This little matching set is classy and adorable for work:

And when you get home, ready to relax, try this cozy set:

We have plenty of warm-ish days in Arkansas, even in December, so don’t be afraid to go airier and lighter like this little number:

Or heavier for January with this simple ABLE sweaterdress:

2. Twins (like DeVito and Schwarzenegger) Sets- Perhaps because we’ve spent so much of the last 18 months in our matching pj sets, we’re seeing more and more of those cropping up in other areas of fashion.

We’ve got snugly athleisure:

Flashback to the 90s velour:

And yoga class, treadmill at home, or weights at the gym:

3. Mono(oke)chromatic- But we can actually take our sets one step further and go head to toe monochromatic, a look that made the catwalks of Fashion Week look like a walking, strutting rainbow. 

We have another velour set throwback (my personal favorite shown in that beautiful tidewater green we looked at in our color series):

Or this adorable prairie style dress:

And as always, we can look to stylish celebs for inspiration, including Kendall Jenner in va va voom red:

Kim Kardashian in root beer brown:

Snow angel JLo in white:

Or always classy Michelle Obama:

4. Double Jeopardy Denim- Take the monochromatic look another step further and match up your set in material too, coordinating the washes and downplaying your inner layer to focus on the jeans:

Or go bigger. After all, we’re savvy enough now to add denim to a furry coat, patchwork that skirt for a more interesting texture, carry that down to an absolutely fabulous pair of boots, and top it all off with a little turquoise bling like this runway look:

5. The Great Out Out(doors)- Maybe the most fun and risque of this set of fashion trends, the stylecasters are calling this out out, and you can execute it a million different ways. Go metallic all over. Add sequins to everything. Choose a print that’s in your face like:


As you can see by the last selection, color can help out your out as well, as can the cut of the piece like this blazer dress from For Love and Lemons:

Or this corseted number from the runway. A. DOR. A. BLE:

Even your For Love and Lemons hemline can help create a show-stopping number:

6. Y2 (Fast 2 Furious) K- Fashion is nothing if not nostalgic, so it rotates through cycles fairly regularly. Right now, we’re flashing back to the most highly anticipated New Years in centuries, when those of us old enough partied like it was 1999 because that was on its way out. That’s right- Y2K is back (although hopefully, NOT the low rise jeans that showed off the top of a lacy thong). 

This one is similar to an outfit we featured in our color series, very Cher and Dionne walking right out of Clueless and into 2021/22:

And there’s no need to worry that you’re too “old” for this trend the second time around- just look at this cute little crop sweater, loose-fit khakis, and white loafers from For Love and Lemons that would be perfect for work or play:

Or for spicy nights out, opt for something sheer and pair it with a micro mini like this, also from For Love and Lemons:

7. Cat(woman) Suits- Now I don’t know about you, dear readers, but this trend, the metamorphosis of last year's bodysuits into full body catsuits, kind of terrifies me. But if you’re brave or a statuesque beauty like our own Miss Jamison, let the runway inspire you:

But it’s also okay to play it safer and go with a slightly looser option such as a romper- no shame here, it all works off the same principle:

8. Big Trouble in Little Black Dress (China)- We all know that the little black dress is timeless, but smaller trends within the larger one emerge, and for now, it’s the tighter the better, go full bodycon. Like:

Or tighter:

Or tighter still:

Very sassy, sultry, and saucy, enough to melt those snowy, sleeting days we’ll have before long.

9. Tinker Tailored (Soldier Spy)- After a year and a half of loungewear, most of us are more than ready for at least a few more structured pieces in our wardrobe choices. Enter the everything crisply tailored look. And while I love the neutrals from Fashion Week runways like:


Toss at least one bright in there too like this gorgeous red from Chanel:

10. Fast Times at Ridgemont Hi/Lo- This next trend seems like a Gucci supermodel married a “dad bod” wearing his t-shirt, plaid pj pants, and cozy slippers, and this is the resulting unique offspring. But there are tons of great if a bit odd pairings in the world. Just ask Elvis who loved peanut butter and banana sandwiches, Jim Sharman who mated horror with musicals to give us The Rocky Horror Picture Show, or Tom Cruise and Cher who dated for a hot second in the 80s. You take one “hi” piece, pair it with one “lo” piece, and voila= you’re on trend.

Don’t overthink it either. You can do a flowy, hippie dress with jeans (and you’ll stay warmer):

Or toss a destroyed denim jacket on over the LBD’s we looked at earlier:

And lastly,

11. Little House on the Floral Prairie Prints- Cottagecore as an aesthetic is far from over apparently, as evidenced by all the floral and/or prairie inspired prints we’re finding on trend. Especially in dresses like these from Mata Traders- this is right up their alley (field? meadow?):

But the end of this list doesn’t mean we’re done dressing, because we still have everything from heavy coats to silky blouses, sultry skirts to cargo pants, and cute clogs to snugly ski sweaters still to go. So while you wait for our entries on Tops and Bottoms to drop, post some of your favorite outfits for cooler weather below!

November 10, 2021 by Lisa Vinson