Blog #20- A Valentine’s Day Gift Idea Extravaganza

Blog #20- A Valentine’s Day Gift Idea Extravaganza

Blog #20-

A Valentine’s Day Gift Idea Extravaganza

In America we might say “sweetie pie,” “honey bunny,” or “sugar woogums.” In France, it’s “ma cherie,” “mon petit chouchou” (my little cabbage), or “mon amour.” While Spanish favors “mi cielo” (my heaven) and “corazon,” Russian prefers “rypka” (fishlet) and “lapachka” (little paw). It might be “xin gan” (heart and liver) in Chinese, “skat” in Danish (treasure- get your head out of the gutter), “jaanu” in Hindi, “ya amar” in Arabic, “snoepje” (little candy) in Dutch, “knuddelbarchen” (cuddle bear) in German, or “taku kairangi” (my finest greenstone) in Maori. But whatever we use as terms of endearment for our romantic partners (or how odd they might sound to someone from a different culture), everyone everywhere loves.

That means many, many countries around the world also celebrate the rapidly approaching Valentine’s Day. How it began, how it got its name, is a mystery. My favorite version of the story has the man who would later be called Saint Valentine being imprisoned for helping Christians escape harsh Roman prisons, inevitably getting caught, falling in love with his jailor’s daughter, and ending a letter to her with “From your Valentine,” a phrase we still use. Of course there are other origins to the holiday as well such as Lupercalia, a Roman fertility celebration dedicated to Faunus, the god of agriculture. And in the Middle Ages, France and England believed February 14th was the beginning of mating season for birds which is how we ended up celebrating on that particular date.

Some traditions have men giving snowdrops as opposed to roses, the exchange of Valentine’s Day cards originated in France, there are three celebration days in South Korea (one where women woo men, one where men woo women, and one where singles mourn their bad luck), some cultures exchange love spoons, English children anxiously await visits from a Santa Claus-like gift-giver named Jack Valentine, in the Philippines they hold mass weddings to mark the day, and some cultures have the women pin a heart with the name of their love interest written in it on their sleeve, literally. 

But however you celebrate (or even if you don’t but just want a good excuse to go shopping), we at Remedy Road have some great suggestions for you here (or suggestions you can pass along to your significant other to buy for you) to mark the day. Starting with… 

  • Sweet Treats-
  • In terms of the traditional yummy treats we’re supposed to exchange with our valentine so we can all be contentedly well-fed together, we have OMG (Ooey Marshmallow Goodness- the name really says it all) in Black Forest Cake flavor. Lick it up with a spoon straight from the container, use it to make s’mores, put a dollop on your ice cream, or try it as frosting on a cupcake. 

    Speaking of s’mores, we also have a romantic s’mores kit for two from the same company (XO Marshmallow). This gourmet tin contains everything you need- vanilla bean marshmallows, Hershey’s chocolate, and homemade gluten-free graham crackers. 

    Because you can never have too much marshmallow in your life, we also offer marshmallow hearts, and you don’t even have to feel bad about eating these vanilla and sprinkled-kissed treats because they’re gluten, nut, preservative, and dairy free (perhaps they’re concocted from unicorn kisses and rainbows?)

    Since V-Day is still in the dead of winter for most of us, you might also choose one of our gourmet cocoas. The yummiest flavors include lavender white chocolate, salted caramel, butterbeer, peppermint, and my personal favorite- gourmet double dark chocolate. 

    And since no self-respecting cup of hot chocolate would be caught dead without a topping, we have marshmallows in caramel, mint chip, pistachio, cinnamon toast, cotton candy, and vanilla flavors too.

    Sit back, relax, indulge, and enjoy!

  • Shiny Bits, Bangles, and Baubles-
  • However, most female romantic partners aren’t going to let you get away with just buying something ooey and yummy to eat as a gift, so consider pairing that up with something shiny and new that she can show off to… well… everyone. 

    For starters, feel free to look back at our X-mas gift jewelry and Murphy’s Jewelers blog posts because many of those fabulous choices are still in stock as the classics never go out of style.

    But we can add even more to those lists, such as the Valentine’s Shark and Chocolate Is My Valentine wishlet bracelets. The idea with these is that once you tie them on and make a wish, you leave them on until they literally fall off. When that happens, your wish will come true (anxiously awaiting that day so I can collect my million dollars from the lottery). 

    Or Pura Vida offers a wide selection of heart-centric jewelry choices, including a grayish blue band/rose gold and white heart bracelet.

    A grayish blue band/rose gold and mother-of-pearl heart bracelet.

    A black band/rose gold mermaid heart bracelet.

    Or open heart stud earrings. 

    A white band or red band rainbow heart bracelet.

    A silver arrow and heart toe ring.

    Or the best of the bunch, rose gold hearts and pearl double-sided earrings that mean you don’t even have to decide between the two.

    ABLE offers these simple and classy gold heart studs.

    Or if you’d like to go a bit bigger, I love these gold Bracha ears with white or yellow enamel hearts and rhinestone dangles.

    Or a really unique choice is these heart-shaped hoops, also by Bracha, which feature a barbed wire-like design in yellow gold with pearls.

    In necklaces, we offer this sweet little yellow gold, pink and white enamel pill necklace that reads, “Love,” on the side, a one-of-a-kind choice.  

    Or Starfish Program has a blue gold heart necklace for an excellent cause.

    Whereas in bracelets, you could go for this adorable double heart bracelet by Mata Traders which has pink and red details on it and comes in silver or gold (I might already own one of each).

    Or the aptly named Bliss bracelet which almost looks like yellow gold, but also a hint of rose gold (meaning it’s extra versatile), featuring gold hearts and rhinestone ones as well. 

    The Meet Me in the Middle bracelet is a mixed media piece, a trend that’s very in right now, yellow gold, hearts, and pearls.

    The Heartfelt bracelet will definitely tell her how you feel with 14 karat gold over sterling silver and tiny cz stones in each and every heart on a hinge closure. 

    The Valentina bracelet will make her pretty in pink and gold.

    And the Valentina ring features gold and black enamel surrounding a sweet rhinestone heart. 

    Wrap it in tinsel and trappings, sit back, and watch her face light up.

  • Sophisticated Self-Care-
  • But Valentine’s Day gifts don’t always have to be “traditional” (aka flowers, candy, jewelry). In fact, she might love you even more if you get her something more tailored to what she wants and needs. Something we’re all learning is that regular self-care is important, and with that in mind, you might look back at our X-mas gift blogs that are simply brimming with gift ideas along these lines. 

    And we can add to that with tantalizing tub truffles in scents such as pomegranate.

    Beautiful bath mats like this cozy white and soft pink choice that reads, “Sweet Cheeks” (and perhaps that’s even your private nickname for her).

    Tempting towel scrunchies that are super convenient. 

    Lovely Little Sleepies pj’s (that are the softest things ever) which we have for little boys and girls too especially for the holiday (and Mom will love them).

    Hot hot pink and leopard print satin pajama sets.

    Racy red and pink fuzzy slippers to keep her tootsies in style.

    We also have hearts all over and rainbow heart options in slippers.

    And /kit-sch/ brand silky satin sleep sets (that include a pillowcase, scrunchie, and eye mask). 

    Pamper her in style, like the queen she is. 

  • Comfy Cozy Wear-
  • Like the yummy cocoa we covered earlier, since V-Day is in February (and in Arkansas, we just got a foot of snow with more forecasted to come still), she might need some accessories to help keep her warm. We have adorable earmuffs in dusty pink and rhinestones because who says our winter gear can’t feature bling too.

    Fire engine red beanies from Krochet Kids.

    Pink and red fingerless gloves from Shiraleah.

    Black and red ones as well.

    A super stylish, soft and supple, white faux leather blazer that will make her a bona fide Hollywood star.

    Or this comfy, cozy, and classy white faux fur zip jacket that will make her look like a million, no, a billion bucks. 

    Keep her snug and warm for the end of winter, and maybe she’ll do the same for you.

  • Festive Fashion- 
  • Believe it or not, it’s also possible to say, “I love you,” with clothes (if your Queen of Hearts loves fashion as much as we do here at the store), and as long as you stick to the easy-going and relaxing casual wear that’s so popular and also over-sized right now, you’ll have a fairly simple time of nailing size correctly. 

    There’s the off white with red-stitched “Lovey” hoodie that donates a portion of its proceeds to charity.

    Which you could combine with these red-hot cozy pants by Project Social T out of LA.

    Spiritual Gangster has some great advice with the peppy pink “Do All Things with Love” pullover.

    Which you could pair with these super soft and thick “Love” athletic-style socks.

    The Sweetheart sweater comes in black or soft white, from small/medium all the way up to 2XL/3XL, perfect for the holiday.

    You could do an entire coordinated leisure wear outfit with the black/gray/hearts bra, black/gray/hearts sculpt leggings, and shades of purple and white “Love” tank top. 

    If you have kids, we have a matching mom and daughter Heart Block Party sweater in soft white and lilac.

    Or for you littlest valentine, go for a lavender love tee, a pink love sweatshirt and matching bottoms, or a camo love pullover, all from Spiritual Gangster. 

    So cover her in coziness. 

  • Awesome Accessories (and a few outfits too)-
  •  If she’s not a stay-at-home girl (or if she is but only part of the time), you might instead opt for a new bag or dress for a night out on the town or weekend away for V-Day (you could even use the gift to tell her she’s in for an extra treat). 

    This clear crossbody bag features a lovely pearl handle and is perfect for concerts and games in stadiums with purse policies.

    The quilted CG crossbody bag is perfect for the handbag fads currently circulating, and it comes in racy red and classy black.

    And the Ezra Cross-body by Shiraleah is Valentine’s perfect in red and pink, a stylish puffy bag.

    Or we can go even smaller, options that are definitely only for a special night out such as the Jelly Top Handle Mini Clutch that reminds me of the jelly sandals of the 80’s.

    And the Port Fairy Mini Bag which is fuzzy and sweet. 

    There are wallets and clutches like these two hot pink choices from Cleobella.

    And makeup cases in in-your-face hot pink.

    And gorgeous overnight bags from ABLE in real leather.

    We’re also big fans around here of the Valentine’s pink sequin number below.

    The sparkly silver dress as well.

    And the lovely champagne satin wrap dress that’s now 50% off! 

    Dress her up in style and take her out, and she’ll thank you- I promise. 

  • Or Delightful Decor- 
  • And last but not least, especially if you share a home together, you might contribute your own piece of decor, such as purchasing this sweet pillow that says it all.

    Or a Lafco candle for a romantic night in. We have Penthouse Champagne which is my personal fav (a combination of ginger, grapefruit, and raspberry)

    Feu De Bois (hints of sandalwood, leather, and frankincense)

    Sage & Walnut (a combo of oud, juniper sage, and walnut)

    Cilantro Orange (a touch of cilantro with mandarin and lime)

    Retreat (matcha and clary sage with palo santo)

    Terracotta (a combo of bergamot, geranium, and terracotta too)

    Celery Thyme (unsurprisingly celery plus thyme and purple basil)

    A combo pack of Frosted Pine and Winter Currant

    Or even a Pura home diffuser which you can operate from your smartphone or tablet with scent choices including Feu De Bois, Sea & Dune, and Champagne.

    We even have a wide selection of Valentine's cards and gift bags, so this can be your literal one-stop-shop for the holiday.

    So in the end, who the heck needs Cupid when you’ve got us here at Remedy Road for all your V-Day needs. Until next time….